2016-2017 Peer Career Advisors

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Hadley Heinrich ’17

2015-2016 Peer Career Advisors

Hi! My name is Hadley, and I’m a senior Neuroscience major completing pre-PA requirements. On campus I’m also a mentor with Reader to Reader, a program assistant for the Five-College Culture, Health, and Science Program, and a member of Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS).

Over the summers I’ve worked as a Historic Restoration Intern in Alaska, as well as a Research Intern with Health Links Colorado, a nonprofit initiative through the Colorado School of Public Health with whom I researched maternal and child health in the workplace. This last summer I traveled to Peru to volunteer and observe with el Centro Medico Parroquial “San Jose,” a clinic outside Lima. At Amherst, I was firmly pre-med before making the jump to pre-PA (Physician Assistant), as well as interested in motivational interviewing and health behavior change, nutrition, occupational and environmental health, behavioral medicine, and medical anthropology.

It’s been difficult to settle on a distinct direction, given so many interests. I’ve found that one of the most helpful things for me has been talking things over with other people, as well as asking questions whose answers I know may change my mind. After graduation I hope to pursue a career integrating public health research with primary care work as a Physician Assistant.

I really enjoyed working as a PCA last year, especially the conversations with other Amherst students about their passions and questions. Whether over resumes, internships, interviewing, or a general career/academic concern, feel free to drop by the Loeb Center and talk about it!

Nicholas Marsh '18

Nick Hi! My name is Nick and I am going to be a junior this year studying Psychology and Economics. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio where I have been interning this past summer at a PEO in the finance department. My interest in finance was cultivated in high school when I started trading short term option contracts in a personal portfolio. My sophomore year I participated in the UChicago Midwest Trading competition with three other Amherst students. I encourage any underclassman with an interest in finance to think about applying for the competition this upcoming year, as it can be very beneficial in helping figure out where you want to focus—as it did for me. I discovered that my interest in finance was still robust but that I would like to focus on aiming for a more people oriented career path.

I am also involved in the Consulting Club on campus as the Vice President, actively attend the investment club in addition to being involved with the Career Center as a PCA. I have found that our Amherst community, whether it be peers, professors, alumni or the Career Center is the best resource for discovering one’s interest, passions and optimal career path. Finding something to be involved in on campus, even if it is only one or two things, not only helps build a resume but will help ensure you are on the right path for yourself.

Being a peer advisor in high school really sparked my interest in becoming a PCA for the Loeb Center. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with the Amherst student body and assist people in these often difficult decisions. I look forward to meeting a lot of you and hope you stop by! The only regret I have here is not getting involved in the Career Center sooner!

Chelsea Nkansah-Siriboe '18

Chelsea Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea Nkansah-Siriboe and I am a junior majoring in Mathematics. I’m the second born of four children and consider myself a “go-getter”. Although originally from the Bronx, NY, I  and my family moved to Poughkeepsie, NY very early on in my academic career. I strongly believe that growing up between two very different spaces has dramatically shaped the ways in which I value education and mentorship. The racial and socioeconomic stratification I’ve experienced in these areas has led me to believe that success in the academic world, and beyond, is correlated to factors besides individual wit. Because of this, I am very eager to work alongside my fellow Amherst students as they navigate the career exploration journey.

Throughout my time at Amherst, I have worked alongside several bright students and faculty members who helped me gain insight on experiences I was unfamiliar with.  A primary example of this was when I served as the project leader of the Outreach and Resources team within my special topics course, Diversity in STEM.  This experience helped me discover the passion I had for uncovering inequities and certain disadvantages embedded in support systems.  

I look forward to partnering with our Loeb Center to ensure that each Amherst student feels exceptionally supported and inspired in the pursuit of their aspirations!

Emmanuel (Manny) Osunlana '18

Manny Hi guys! My name is Manny and I’m a junior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m majoring in Philosophy, and I’m also a big enthusiast of the Mathematics department. In addition to working as a PCA, I work in the Admissions Office as a Diversity Intern, and in the Philosophy department as a Teaching Assistant for Logic. When I’m not doing school work, you’ll find me drumming with the jazz combo program, and with two other student-led bands on campus (Fun Fact: one of the bands have an album out on Spotify).

As a PCA, I hope to help you 1) learn about the industries and functional roles that would match your particular strengths and 2) assist you with securing the desired internship or job within your chosen industry. Personally, my precise post-graduation aspirations are not yet clear, however I know I want to leverage my liberal arts education to make the greatest social impact I can.

I encourage you all to stop by the Loeb Center to have a conversation with me! Trust me, I fully understand the complexities involved with making a decision about your immediate post-graduation job, and additionally creating a meaningful life direction for yourself.