Peer Career Advisors (PCAs)

Paul Griessel Paul Griessel '21

Hi everyone! My name is Paul and I’m a senior physics major originally from the SF Bay Area on the Men’s Rowing Team going into management consulting. I’ve previously interned in software M&A investment banking and business development at a new social messaging app startup.

I remember my first year having no idea where to start as far as beginning my resume and starting the job search journey. Luckily, I found the PCAs at the Loeb Center and their proven path to follow has unlocked fantastic opportunities for me beyond Amherst. Don’t have the idea that just because you attend Amherst you will automatically be given a job; it will require constant preparation and refinement of your resume, cover letters, networking, and interview presence. I look forward to working with all of you on these aspects in addition to any other advice on life or school. Some of my interests include golfing in Northern California, rowing, running, camping, the New York Yankees, the Las Vegas Raiders, and playing guitar and drums.

Shikha Jha Shikha Jha '22

Hey! My name is Shikha and I'm a junior majoring in psychology. I'm from Michigan, a few minutes north of Detroit. On campus, I work as Co-Artistic Director of Amherst's hip hop and step group DASAC (check us out on Youtube!), am working to become an EMT on Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS), and try to be involved with groups like the South Asian Student Association (SASA) and the Asian Student Association (ASA) when I get the time. This past summer, I was able to work as a research intern for the Center on Brain Health and Addiction (CRABH), an organization that introduced me to the potential of various alternative therapies and kept me focused on medicine during the stresses of the pandemic. Despite the unique difficulties of this time, Amherst College and its resources have still been able to help me find opportunities catered to my interests!  

Working through the pre-med track is definitely difficult, both academically and emotionally -- but thankfully, I was able to meet with various members of the Loeb Center that are still helping me formulate a plan for Amherst and beyond. Career exploration and future planning is always going to look a little scary, but as a PCA I hope to alleviate that and help you better understand where your path leads. I'm super excited to be working with the Loeb Center, and I look forward to meeting you (however that may look like)!

Dana Kulma Dana Kulma '21

Hello friend! My name is Dana Kulma, and I am a senior from Cleveland, OH. I study Spanish and Architecture with special interests in homelessness and community development. On campus, I have been a part of the women’s rowing team, outing club, and mail room staff. I’m also involved in the Amherst Christian Fellowship!

During the summer after my first year, the Loeb Center helped me to have an amazing internship experience at The City Mission, a faith-based nonprofit that serves homeless families and individuals in Northeast Ohio. I discovered my passion for homeless ministry and housing issues through this position! Since then, I have spent the past two summers working as a wilderness adventure guide in Washington state exploring another field that I love. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Chile in Fall 2019.

I’m looking forward to hearing your story and helping in whatever way I can! I’m so excited to walk with you in your journey to find a job or internship. I can’t wait to meet you soon!


Lea Morin Lea Morin '21

Hello, y’all! My name is Lea Morin (she, her, hers) and I am proudly from San Antonio, Texas! I am a senior majoring in Latinx and Latin American Studies and Sociology. Since my first year on campus, I have worked in the Office of Admissions as a Diversity Outreach Intern and a Tour Guide. I have also worked in the Center for Diversity and Student Leadership (CDSL) supporting our First Generation and/or Low-Income (FLI) students and will continue that work through the CDSL Meiklejohn Peer Mentor Program as the Meiklejohn Student Engagement Specialist.

Over the summer, I have contributed to the growth of the CDSL Meiklejohn Peer Mentor Program, launching Fall 2020, which will support the incoming cohort of Meiklejohn Fellows through the valuable peer-to-peer networks that exist within the FLI community at Amherst. I am also thrilled to have the opportunity to work as a Peer Career Advisor and support you as we navigate your professional development. From my time working at the CDSL, I understand the importance of accessible resources and supports and am happy to engage with you to pursue your passions! I look forward to meeting with you and getting to know you!

Sabrina Trombetta Sabrina Trombetta '21

Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina and I’m a senior from Guilford, Connecticut studying sociology at Amherst. I’ve found the Loeb Center to be a great resource for me to explore various fields and am looking forward to returning to work as a PCA this fall to support my classmates in exploring their own career interests.

Affinity Group Intern

Malaya Jules Malaya Jules '22

Hi! My name is Malaya Jules, and I’m from Oakland, California, but I’ve lived all over the Bay Area. I’m a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. On campus, I am active in the Black Students Union, I worked as a Wade Student Fellow and I’m a research assistant in the Environmental Studies Department. I hope to pursue a career in criminal defense or environmental law. 

I am really excited to join the Loeb Center, creating additional resources for students of color on campus and making the space more accessible and welcoming. As a first year student, I knew that I wanted to probably go to law school, but had no clue on where to start to get there. I was fortunate enough to receive professional development help from a senior my freshman year, and her guidance ultimately helped me get a great internship that summer. The experiences from that internship as well as from the jobs I’ve had on campus have clarified and refined my career interests. I hope that the information we compile this year can get students of color thinking about their career early with the resources and tools they need.

Education Professions Interns

Madeleine Conner Madeleine Conner '21

Hello! My name is Madeleine Conner and I am a senior, majoring in Psychology and Spanish, from Manhasset, New York.  On campus, I am a member of the Amherst College Sabrinas and the Mixed Student Union.  This year, I will also be serving as an Education Professions Intern at the Loeb Center. I am excited to create and promote engagement opportunities for students who plan to pursue a career in education. 

After college, I hope to pass on my own love of learning by becoming a teacher.  Although Amherst does not currently offer an Education major, I believe that my Amherst education has provided me with tangible, real-life skills that will serve me well as a teacher.  I am thankful to the Loeb Center staff, my professors and guest alumni for helping me frame my goals for the future.  I am very happy to be a member of the Loeb Center team.  And I am looking forward to connecting with other students who share an interest in education professions. 

Dash Shulman Dashiell Shulman '21

Hi! My name is Dashiell Shulman (he/him), and I hail from rainy Portland, Oregon. I'm a senior philosophy major, a member of club soccer and the rock climbing team, and an educator. With the support of the Loeb Center, my journey of learning and teaching has taken place on several continents, as well as in the classroom with students across western Massachusetts.

When I got to Amherst, though, I couldn't have dreamed up the projects in education that I would end up pursuing. One of my goals working with the Loeb Center is to help interested students make use of the unique education offerings at Amherst and in our 5 College Consortium. I'm also a passionate advocate for the study of education in a liberal arts setting, and look forward to meeting more members of the awesome education community at Amherst in this position.

Employer Engagement Interns

Marissa Guzzo Marissa Guzzo '22

Hello! My name is Marissa Guzzo, and I’m a junior studying Math and Economics from Suffield, CT. I love kayaking, cake decorating, and spending time with my family and friends.

When I came to Amherst, I had no idea what I wanted to study, let alone do as a career. I want to encourage Amherst students to take advantage of the Loeb Center’s incredible resources so they can score meaningful internships and jobs. I am so excited to join the Loeb Center this year as an Employer Engagement Intern and help students connect with alumni and employers.


Aylin Kim

Aylin Kim '23

Hi! My name is Aylin Kim and I am a sophomore from Seoul, South Korea. I plan to double major in Economics and Theater and Dance but I am still exploring new areas to study. This is my first year as an Employer Engagement Intern and I am excited to join the Loeb Center team interacting with students, employers, and alumni.

Besides working as an Employer Engagement Intern, I regularly compete in mock trials as part of the Amherst Mock Trial Team and sometimes work on translating articles for Confluences. You can also see me participating on- or off-stage in Green Room shows or Theater and Dance Department projects. I can’t wait to start working with the Employer Engagement team to help you find and connect with potential employers!


Anisa Lacey Anisa Lacey '21
Hello! My name is Anisa Lacey, and I am a senior from Memphis, TN. I am a Mathematics major and I am interested in business and consulting.

As an Employer Engagement Intern, I interact with employers, students, and alums alike to ensure that students receive access to internship, post-graduate employment, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities. This semester, I will assist with virtual events, approve job postings, and help with occasional projects.

The best part about being an Employer Engagement Intern is the wide range of employers that I meet weekly. I have interfaced with environmental sustainability organizations, financial firms, graduate schools, human rights organizations, and summer camps alike. I am lucky to work with such a vibrant, supportive team at the Loeb.

In your free time, please visit the Loeb Center Remote Support page to see our wide listing of virtual resources!

Industry Specific Interns

Business and Finance Career Community

Emily Kiernan Emily Kiernan '21

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Kiernan and I’m a senior majoring in economics from Alexandria, VA. I’m a team leader for the AmherstSays social media team and studied abroad in London my junior spring. I’m super excited to be joining the Loeb Center team this year as the Careers in Business and Finance Consulting Intern!

I knew basically nothing about consulting before coming to Amherst, and the Loeb Center’s programming (mock interviews, introduction workshops, and treks) was integral in helping me learn more about the consulting industry and get internship offers. My sophomore summer I interned at a private equity firm in Boston and then I spent my junior summer at a large management consulting firm in Boston. 

One piece of advice to anyone interested in consulting: don’t be intimidated by the case interview! With some practice, anyone can do it. Please reach out if you have any questions about consulting, the recruiting process, case interviews, or even my experience in private equity! I’m looking forward to helping Stephanie Hockman grow the Loeb Center Consulting program even more this year. 

Robert Parker Robert Parker '21

Hello, my name is Robert Parker and I'm a senior Political Science major from New York. I'm excited to be working as the Finance Intern within the Careers in Business and Finance program of the Loeb Center. At Amherst, I'm a captain of the Men's Squash team, the president of the Amherst College Investment Club, and I'm writing a thesis on China's growing global influence.

During my first two summers at Amherst, I worked as a summer analyst doing distressed and special-situations investing at a private equity firm in New York. This summer, I worked as an investment banking summer analyst doing mergers & acquisitions advisory work at an independent investment bank in New York. In my role at the Loeb Center, I aim to find creative ways to engage with students and alumni to strengthen the Careers in Business and Finance program. I'm looking forward to advising Amherst students as they begin their careers in finance. 

Marketing Interns

Mimi Fu Mimi Fu '22

Hi everyone! My name is Luyao Fu and I go by Mimi. I’m a junior studying Economics and ASLC. I grew up in Hunan, China, and moved to the Boston area when I was 10 years old. On campus, I work as a graphic design intern for the Office of Student Activities, and I am involved with DASAC and the Chinese Students Association.

I'll be working this year as a Loeb Center Marketing Intern. I'm excited to advance my design and market research skills, as well as help the Loeb Center promote events and opportunities. I’m grateful to be a part of the Loeb Center team because it has provided me with many opportunities in the past. Say hi anytime if you have questions!

Sydney Scanlon Sydney Scanlon '22

Hello everyone! My name is Sydney Scanlon and I am a junior from Miami, Fl. I am declared Anthropology and plan to do an interdisciplinary major at Amherst. I am excited to begin my second year with the Loeb Center as a Marketing Intern bridging the gap between students and their careers with aesthetic presentation and clear messaging.

I took a gap year before Amherst where I lived in India teaching grade school and studying yoga, which I now teach at Amherst. I have been working with an Amherst alum on trauma-informed care for over a year and spent this past summer doing psychology data entry and analysis work for a professor out of University of Missouri- Kansas City. I am part of the equestrian team and Food Justice Alliance. A few of my favorite things are fermentation, non-representational art, and any used book store. I will see you all at employer events and around campus.

Program Development Intern

Lesley Martinez Garcia 21’E Lesley Martinez Garcia 21’E

Hi everyone! I’m Lesley and I’m a second semester senior majoring in Sociology. I have been involved in QuestBridge in the past as the president. I identify as a first generation low-income student.

I definitely have been the person completely confused on what I want to do in the future. I started my college career wanting to go through the pre-med route. However, I realized that is not what I wanted to do and I wanted to enter into education my sophomore year. With the help of the people at Loeb Center and programs such as the Ed Pros Fellowship, I was able to refine what my interests were and what opportunities I wanted to pursue. The summer after my sophomore year, I interned at a non-profit as the education policy and programs intern. I couldn’t have done it without learning how to write cover letters and resumes from such great and knowledgeable people.

I’m excited to pass the knowledge I’ve gotten these past three and a half years. I especially know how terrifying it can be to do all of this when you come from a FLI background and may have never encountered any of this before. I hope I can make this process easier for people who were in the same boat as I was.