2022-23 Student Intern Team

Peer Career Advisors (PCAs)

Sushan Bhattarai smiling in sunglasses and a hat Sushan Bhattarai '24

Hello! I’m Sushan and I am a junior from Kathmandu, Nepal. At Amherst. I’m an Environmental Studies and History major but enjoy taking classes throughout the other departments. Outside of the PCA role, I am involved with the Loeb as an Employer Engagement intern and serve on the Mead Art Museum’s DEAI task force.  In my free time, I like to go on treks and kayak, work on heritage conservation projects and make tea.

At Amherst I have embraced the liberal arts both inside and outside the classroom. I have been interested in opportunities ranging from art history to finance and the Loeb Center has helped me find footing in all of these fields. Last summer, I conducted research on the evolution of Hindu / Buddhist deities from the Kathmandu Valley through a research fellowship from the college. I had the opportunity to collaborate with museums and work with experts. This past summer I switched to a position in political consulting, interning with Signum Global Advisors, a policy and strategy firm that advises financial institutions and multinational businesses. I came across the firm through Loeb’s alumni in residence program and used the center’s resources to put together my application. The breadth of experiences and resources the Loeb possesses is what’s allowed me to pursue amazing professional opportunities in a myriad of disciplines. I am excited to share all the resources and skills I’ve learned at the Loeb!

Grace Cho smiling Grace Cho '23E

Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I'm a senior from Queens, New York, majoring in English as well as American Studies (Asian American Studies concentration). Along with my PCA role on campus, I am the chair of Transfer Students Association and I work as a College tour guide. I’ve also spent a lot of time with the Mead Art Museum, both as a summer intern and as a student rep. You can usually find me roller-skating, sitting in Frost, or on the bike trails (if you do, please say hi)!

As a returning PCA, I’m excited to keep advising students in their application process. When I first transferred to Amherst, I felt unsure of how to start exploring career paths, but meeting with different Loeb Center advisors encouraged me to apply for more internships and programs. The guidance I’ve received with career advising and mock interviews helped me in applying for different roles, and importantly, I’ve learned to spend more time reflecting and learning from my previous work. I’m happy to connect others with the Loeb’s resources in the same way, and to help people define their experiences.

Meenakshi Jani smiling Meenakshi Jani '23

Hi! I’m Meenakshi (she/her), a senior majoring in history and environmental studies. I’m from Columbus, Ohio. On campus, I am currently involved in the Environmental Justice Alliance and Amherst Symphony Orchestra. In the past, I have been the political chair for the South Asian Students Association and have been a co-chair of the Asian Pacific American Action Committee (APAAC). Last year I was in an Indian classical dance group at UMass, and I hope to continue my involvement this year. I enjoy spending time on trails near campus and at the cafes in town.

The Loeb Center has been an important part of each of my summer experiences. The Loeb Center supported my internship at the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network and was involved in my career training when I interned at the Emily Dickinson Museum. Last summer I worked as a Legislative and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) intern at Acadia Center, an organization advocating for clean energy and climate policy in the Northeast. I used Handshake, a great resource available through the Loeb Center, to find and apply for this position. In addition, I met with Loeb Center advisors and used its resources to write my resume and cover letters. I look forward to helping more students access the support and guidance that the Loeb Center can offer!

Carla Mattaliano smiling Carla Mattaliano '24

Hi everyone! My name is Carla (she/her), and I’m a junior from Bridgewater, New Jersey majoring in economics and biochemistry on the pre-med track. On campus, I’m the coxswain captain of the club rowing team, a team DEI rep, an orgo lab TA, and conduct research in a biology lab. Outside of Amherst, I volunteer at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and have been involved in direct community outreach and casework at Amherst Community Connections. Besides that, I enjoy spending time with my friends by Val sitting, doing jigsaw puzzles, and playing Ticket to Ride.

I’ve spent my past two summers in Amherst participating in two very different experiences—though equally rewarding! After my freshman year, I was a caseworker at Amherst Community Connections (located right in town) where I assisted local individuals and families who are low-income and/or experiencing homelessness apply for benefits like SNAP and Section 8. Although I realized social work is likely not for me, I loved being able to build relationships with my participants, hear their stories, and serve as an advocate. As a result, I know I desire a career that involves working directly with and helping other people. This past summer, I was a SURF fellow where I worked in a biology lab running a lot of PCRs and gels. This experience taught me so much about time management and problem solving, both of which are skills that are transferable to any future position I hold. Throughout my Amherst career, the Loeb Center has been an amazing resource for finding internship opportunities and helping me craft professional resumes and cover letters. I am so excited to help other students present the best version of themselves!

Ashley Sanchez Melo smiling Ashley Sanchez Melo '23

Hello!! My name is Ashley (she/her). I am a senior from Boston, MA, double majoring in Sociology and Asian Languages and Civilizations. I am really interested in learning about why things are the way that they are in societies (as well as how these things and systems can be changed), so a lot of my experiences on and off campus have been about learning how to best serve people who are seeking help. In my free time, I really enjoy creating things (drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, etc.). 

Throughout my college career, I have been fortunate enough to have had access to so much help with my own career development. Most of this help—be it with resumes, interviews, internship searches, and even just brainstorming—came from other programs and individual people outside of Amherst. Even with this extra help from outside of school, when I finally did go to the Loeb Center, I found it extremely helpful to talk with staff about my aspirations and how to access different Amherst-specific resources to better reach my goals. All of these experiences and resources have been so important and useful to me, and that is why I am really excited to be a PCA this year—I want to be that support for other students around me.

Carolyn Thomas - Peer Career Advisor Carolyn Thomas '23

Hello! I am Carolyn, and I am a senior political science major from Nashville, TN. On campus, I am a community advisor, communications assistant for the Writing Center, and  intern for The Center Of Restorative Practices (CRP).  In my free time, I  enjoy writing creatively through poetry and short stories, baking and going on long walks. 

I am a former Summer Science Bridge and STEM Incubator participant. I started my Amherst journey as Pre-med, but over two years, I shifted more toward legal professions. However, my plans are always changing, and I am open to new things. I thank the Loeb Center for helping me navigate and explore different career areas. For two summers, I interned at The University Of Chicago Law School as a research fellow through the Leadership Alliance. The internship gave me first-hand experience of legal and political science research at an academic level and solidified my interest in Law School. I continued my research last summer on campus through the Greg Call summer research program. 

The Loeb Center resources helped me present my application materials in the most true, authentic, and empowering way possible. I enjoy doing the same for others so they can realize their full potential!

Employer Engagement & Marketing Interns

Sushan Bhattarai - Employer Engagement Intern Sushan Bhattarai '24

Hello! My name is Sushan Bhattarai, and I am a junior from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am majoring in Environmental Studies and History but am also interested in art history, finance and theater. I am excited to be a part of the Loeb Center and help students and employers connect. Before college, I went to school in 5 different countries and have travelled to the mountains in the Himalayas and to the deserts of the Middle East. I love to travel, try new cuisines and immerse in cultures different from mine.

At Amherst, I am involved with the Mead Art Museum to make it a more diverse and equitable institution. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to conduct research on the evolution of Hindu / Buddhist deities from Nepal through a research fellowship from the college. I have also been involved in theater at Amherst and enjoy acting.

I am excited to be an Employer Engagement intern and contribute to the team. The Loeb Center has been an invaluable part in my journey of reaching out to alumni and finding the right opportunities. I am eager to help students tap into the Loeb Center’s resources and connect them to the wonderful network of alumni and employers.

Chela Cunningham smiling Chéla Cunningham '25

Hi! My name is Chéla Cunningham. I'm a sophomore from Maryland and am planning to major in Computer Science and Psychology. I'm looking forward to connecting students with the resources and events that the Loeb Center has. 

I'm on the EBoard for the QuestBridge chapter working as the Publicity Chair, and I'm a Meiklejohn Peer Mentor. You can also find me running tech for the various theatre and dance performances on campus. I write stories, work on my 3D Animation and game development side projects, and edit videos in my free time. I'm passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion which is the motivation behind my art and my work in the Loeb Center. 

The Loeb Center has been there for me every time I needed clarity on my professional journey, and I'm excited to now be a part of the team that can continue to do that for others!

Sydney Keating - Employer Engagement Intern Sydney Keating '25

Hello! My name is Sydney Keating, and I am a sophomore from Washington, DC. I am planning to major in Computer Science with a possible English double major. I am so excited to work with the Loeb Center to meet and help students looking to begin their careers.

On campus I am a part of the Hackathon Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, and you can also find me doing theatre as a part of the Greenroom. In my free time I enjoy writing, playing video games, strumming my guitar, and working on programming side projects. If you ever see me working at the front desk, feel free to strike up a conversation with me about anything and everything! I love chatting with people, and am looking forward to getting to know the students that come through the Loeb Center.

Aylin Kim

Aylin Kim '23

Hi! My name is Aylin Kim, and I am a senior from Seoul, South Korea. I am double majoring in Economics and Theater and Dance but I still love exploring new areas to study. This is my second year as an Employer Engagement Intern, and I am excited to work again as part of the Loeb Center team interacting with students, employers, and alumni.

Besides working as an Employer Engagement Intern, I regularly compete in mock trials as part of the Amherst Mock Trial Team and sometimes work on translating articles for Confluences. You can also see me participating on- or off-stage in Green Room shows or Theater and Dance Department projects. I can’t wait to start another school year as part of the Employer Engagement team to help you find and connect with potential employers!

Arleth -- Employer Engagement intern Arleth Rodrigues Rascon '24

Hello! My name is Arleth Rodrigues, class of 2024, majoring in Mathematics and Education Studies. My home state is Wyoming, and I have brought my adventurous spirit from home to New England. You'll often hear about my adventures of biking, hiking, acquiring new musical skills, and learning from the wonderful people that surround me.

I am passionate about creating more equitable opportunities and knowledge acquisition for marginalized communities, and I bring that drive through my involvement in La Causa, La Fe, the Education Professions Fellowship, and work for the Math Department. 

The Loeb Center staff have been a vital part of my academic and personal journey, offering the support and mentorship I needed as a growing Amherst Student. As an Employee Engagement Intern, I hope I can become a small part of everyone's career journey. I am excited to continue helping you all connect to opportunities and potential employers!

Ava Zielinski smiling

Ava Zielinski '25

Hi there! My name is Ava Zielinski, and I am a sophomore from Weston, Connecticut. I am majoring in Economics & Spanish, and I am working with the Loeb Center as a Marketing & Communications intern to increase student utilization of the amazing resources the center has to offer.

I am a member of the Amherst Women’s Track & Field team, and you can always find me at Newman Club and The Women’s Network meetings as well. In my free time, I love making music playlists, going on drives, reading, and taking walks. I love creative strategy and working with others, so I am very excited to be working with the Loeb Center to make even more students aware of all the great work they do.

Administrative Intern

Kate Smith '25 Kate Smith '25
Hello! My name is Kate Smith, and I’m a sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri. I am a prospective Economics and Environmental Studies double major, with a strong interest in history, as well. I’m excited to help students find their paths after college at the Loeb Center, and to learn about the process myself. 

Here at Amherst, I’m on the varsity field hockey team in the fall, so in my free time I might be hitting on Hill field or in the weight room. I also love reading, playing the New York Times mini crossword everyday (and attempting the big one), and trivia of any kind. I’m eager to see you all in the Loeb Center!

Industry-Specific Interns

Business and Finance Career Community

Carl Cate in a suit Carl Cate '23

Traub Careers in Business & Finance – Consulting Intern (2022-2023)

Hi, I'm Carl Cate. I'm a senior majoring in economics, Asian languages and civilizations, and political science. I’m excited to join the Traub Careers in Business and Finance team as the consulting intern for the 2022-2023 academic year. I am the President of the Amherst Debate Club and enjoy utilizing the critical thinking and persuasive communication skills I’m honing at Amherst both during debates but also as a future consultant!

Academically, I'm interested in game theory economics as well as U.S.-Chinese relations and have explored these topics via research with professors, research seminars, etc.

Professionally, I have previously interned at a DA's Office as a legal intern for their Trials & Investigations Division, and this summer am interning at a biotech startup in Boston.

Over the last three years, I’ve utilized the resources of the Loeb Center and the Careers in Business and Finance programs, including Management Consulted and case interview bootcamps. I participated in consulting recruiting last fall and had a lot of fun. Recruiting is intensive and daunting but is also a great challenge that every Mammoth is up to conquering.

As the Consulting Intern, I am a resource for anything consulting-related, including networking, resume-building, and interview preparation for both fit/behavior interviews as well as case interviews. Please reach out with any questions. I'd be happy to help!

Jack Trent in a suit Jack Trent '23

Traub Careers in Business & Finance – Finance Intern (2022-2023)

Hello, my name is Jack Trent, and I am a senior from Houston, TX, majoring in economics. I’m incredibly excited to join the Careers in Business and Finance team for the 2022-2023 academic year. At Amherst, I am a captain of the Men’s Track and Field Team, the president of the entrepreneurship society and am planning on writing a thesis in the economics department.

The Loeb Center and the Careers in Business and Finance have been crucial to exploring my professional interests throughout my time at Amherst. After my first year (with lots of help from Stephanie Hockman), I founded and eventually sold a disinfecting company that provided low-cost disinfecting services to small businesses in Houston, TX. After my sophomore year, I interned with Loeb.nyc, a venture collective founded by the Loeb Center’s namesake, Michael Loeb. This summer, I am working as an investment banking summer analyst in the natural resources and clean energy transition industries.

As the Finance Intern, I am excited to facilitate student engagement in finance and create a welcoming and open environment for those exploring potential career paths. I’m looking forward to helping students navigate financial services from a liberal arts background. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!