Amherst Select Employers

Internships are mutually beneficial partnerships between both students and employers. The Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning (“the Loeb Center”) created the Amherst Select Internship Program (“Amherst Select”) to provide Amherst students with crafted internship positions that offer them real-world professional experiences to challenge them to expand their skill sets, discover new talents and interests and cultivate new relationships. 

As a result of participating in the program, Amherst Select employers have access to a pool of talented students equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in a variety of settings and who are ready to bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and quality work to the workplace.

Employers will also encounter a number of unique advantages when they participate in the Amherst Select Program. Consider the following benefits:

  • Access to a group of accomplished student interns who have received professional development coaching and training from the Loeb Center to ensure their summer internship is successful
  • Assistance from dedicated staff members who serve as professional coaches and liaisons through every step of the intern recruitment process, from posting and marketing your opportunity to managing and delivering applications
  • Control over the screening and hiring process – you decide which candidate(s) are the best fit for your position and organization
  • An opportunity to make a positive impact on a student’s career journey

How does it work?

Becoming an Amherst Select employer for the summer of 2019 requires that you complete the following steps:

STEP ONE: Please read and sign the Loeb Center's Recruiting Policies and Program Expectations for Amherst Select Internship Program Partners.

STEP TWO: When you are ready, submit your job description to  Your job description will then be posted on Handshake for students to view and apply. To create a compelling post, we encourage you to read our tips on writing effective internship postings. Internship postings will be accepted until March 15, 2019. 

As an employer, you can determine both the hiring process and the deadlines for your internship. An important tip is that the majority of students will be planning to make decisions about their summer plans by early April. Therefore, we encourage you to select an application deadline and candidate vetting process that allows you enough time to extend an offer to your preferred candidate by the middle of April, at the latest. 

Additionally, if you have an unpaid internship opportunity and wish to encourage your intern to apply for Amherst College internship funding, please be aware that the final deadline for student applications is May 1, 2019.   Students must have an offer prior to submitting their application for funding and employers must also submit a form to the college confirming the details of the internship by the application deadline.

STEP THREE: Once your position is posted in Handshake, we will also market your opportunity to Amherst Select students. We encourage employers to give us as much information as possible about the best ways to promote their internships to our students.

Student applications will come directly to you. Applications can either be delivered in a bundle after the deadline or on a rolling basis up until the deadline. Upon receipt of the applications, it is up to the employer to select applications for interviews and to make hiring decisions. 

STEP FOUR: After you have extended an offer to a student and they accept, you may work with the student to determine start and end dates and to solidify responsibilities and expectations. We ask that you contact the Loeb Center to provide the student intern’s name and their internship start and end dates. Also, please let us know the names of the students you interviewed, but did not choose to hire so that our office can notify those students. 

STEP FIVE: Towards the end of the internship, you will receive a final performance evaluation form for each Amherst Select intern you have hired. Please complete that form, discuss it with your intern and then return it to the Loeb Center.  

Questions? We are here to help!

Please contact Marcela Murillo Robinson, Internship Coordinator at (413) 542-5750

What does it take to be an Amherst Select Employer?

As an Amherst Select internship employer, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Agree to give preference to Amherst students during the intern recruitment process and to at least interview the top candidate who applied for your position.
  • Create a substantial, skill-building internship that is generally 8-10 weeks and 240 total hours of work over the summer.  Routine, clerical duties (i.e. filing, copying, etc.) should not compose the bulk of the internship opportunity.
  • Provide your intern with an orientation and training either before or during the first week of the internship that covers expectations, policies and procedures and any basic knowledge they will need to be successful.
  • Identify an employee to serve as a direct supervisor and/or mentor throughout the duration of the internship who interacts with the intern on a daily basis
  • Work with intern to develop clear learning goals for the internship and regularly provide performance feedback
  • Report back to the Loeb Center the name, internship dates of your Amherst Select intern along with any other relevant information
  • Complete and submit a performance evaluation of the intern at the end of the summer
  • Read and sign the Loeb Center’s Recruiting Policies and Program Expectations for Amherst Select Internship Program Partners

Supervisor Tips: Writing Effective Internship Postings

What can a good internship description do for you?

Your job description is a marketing tool to attract student interns. When writing a job posting for your internship, it is important to craft a description that is clear and detailed, outlining the responsibilities, requirements and qualifications for the position.

The day-to-day responsibilities should be included within the actual job description. This will allow students to assess whether they are a right fit for the position and if it aligns with their career interests. It will also ensure that you will hire a student who is aware of the expectations of the job.

 The following are some components that you should include in your job posting:

  • Position title – keep the title concise and to the point. Use words that describe the main aspects of the job, including key phrases that accurately describe the role
  • Name of the organization – Include your company logo to differentiate your job posting
  • Job Location – Provide a physical location for the job so candidates can estimate their commute time
  • School Years- Desired Class year (First Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  • Description – Overview of the role and the job responsibilities. Be clear in what you are looking for in terms of experience, qualification, and/or skills. Your summary should provide a brief overview of the company and a brief description. List the core responsibilities of the position
  • Qualifications: List the skills, attributes and/or experience needed for the position. Be sure to include soft skills. This will help candidates determine if they have the background needed to be successful in this role
  • Compensation – Specify if internship opportunity is paid or unpaid
  • Duration – Include hours per week and the duration of the internship
  • Required Documents – Specify all the application materials (Resume, Cover Letter, Unofficial Transcripts, Writing Sample) and additional screening procedures if any
  • Contact information – A contact person to whom the applications will be sent
  • Specify deadline for applications

Internship Orientation Checklist for Employers

Internship orientation checklist for employers

  • Report back to the Loeb Center the name of students selected for interview and/or offered the position, along with any other relevant information
  • Review with student intern:
    • Establish the start date and work schedules. Review expectations and job description
    • Provide an overview of the company culture – Give an introduction to the organization’s mission and structure, type of business, products and/or services, who your customers are
    • Overall tour of the workplace – give the intern a tour of their assigned work space and areas of interest. Introduce intern to staff members
    • Review general office information, including dress code, procedures for payment, emergency protocol and office equipment
    • Establish expectations and learning goals for the intern
    • Provide regular, supportive, and constructive feedback
  • Complete and submit a performance evaluation of the intern at the end of the summer

Questions? We are here to help!

Please contact Marcela Murillo Robinson, Internship Coordinator at (413) 542-5750