Summer Internship Funding 2020

The application period for 2020 summer internship funding ended June 10, 2020. The Loeb Center is no longer accepting any applications. If you have questions, please contact

The summer is an incredible opportunity for intellectual growth, skill development, and career exploration by deciding to complete an internship. Through the generous support of alumni, Amherst College is able to provide financial support for students who are pursuing low-paid or unpaid summer experiences that directly link to their personal, professional and academic goals.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Eligible students must be enrolled at Amherst the semester prior to the start of their summer internship and intend to be enrolled at the College the semester after. Students who are studying abroad may apply. Graduating seniors are ineligible.

Please note that if you received funding from another department (i.e. SURF, Gregory S. Call Summer Research Program) to conduct summer research, you are not eligible.

How will students be selected for funding?

All eligible students may apply. However, funding is very limited and NOT guaranteed.

Priority is given to (in order of preference):

  • First generation/low income students
  • Students who receive financial aid
  • International students
  • Students who are completing summer opportunities related to their personal, professional, or academic goals for the first time
  • Juniors

For students to be considered for funding from Amherst College, the accepted internship must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Be a meaningful, substantive experience
  • At least a total of 6 weeks,180 total work hours 
  • Supervised and include opportunities for regular feedback
  • Foster transferable skill development
  • Meet the Fair Labor Standards Act and any other relevant state, local and federal laws
Preference is given to internships in the following industries:
  • Nonprofit and government/public service
  • Health
  • Biomedical research
  • Arts & communications
  • Education
Opportunities found through the following programs are NOT eligible for funding:
  • Fee-based, placement programs
  • Academic and/or credit-based programs

Preference will be given to remote internships.

The Loeb Center will not fund any internships that involve international travel.

remote internships

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote internships are eligible for funding.  While the Loeb Center will still accept applications for onsite internships, we strongly encourage students to talk to their supervisors about transforming their internships into remote opportunities.

In addition to the above requirements, eligible remote internships must demonstrate that they have the following components:

  • Required or encouraged use of a project management tool (i.e. Office 365, Google Suite, Trello, Asana) or another strategy to ensure that the intern is aware of required tasks and deadlines and that the supervisor can review project progress
  • A method for the intern to contact the supervisor on a daily basis (i.e. Slack, Google Hangouts, etc.) during agreed upon work hours
  • Regularly scheduled meetings between supervisor and intern to review work progress and receive feedback

Stipend Amounts

The following stipend amounts apply to both remote and onsite internships.

internship duration - 8 weeks or greater
$3,500 For students who will live at home over the summer or working remotely
$4,500 For students who will be interning outside of the U.S. and/or will not be living at home
internship duration - 6 - 7 weeks
$2,375 For students who will live at home over the summer or working remotely
$3,375 For students who will be interning outside of the U.S. and/or will not be living at home

Stipends will be determined based on the support a student receives from their site (housing, transportation, food, employer stipends, etc.)

Students are issued stipend awards in one check. Funds may be used for any expenditure related to supporting a student during their summer internship.

Application deadlines:

Students are strongly encouraged to apply early or as soon as they have accepted their summer experience. All four steps of the application process must be submitted by one of the following deadlines:

  • Monday, April 13, 2020 
  • Thursday, April 30, 2020
  • Wednesday, May 13, 2020
  • Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (FINAL DEADLINE)

Application Materials:

  • Loeb Center Internship Funding Common Application Form (accessed via Handshake)
  • Resume
  • Supervisor Confirmation Form (sent automatically via Handshake)

Application process:

Students must complete all four steps of the application process. Please read all the details we have outlined below before starting your application.

  1. Officially accept an offer to complete an internship with an organization over the summer.

  2. Fully complete and submit the Loeb Center Internship Funding Common Application Form through Handshake.


    *We strongly encourage you to draft your responses to the common application form questions before beginning in Handshake. You only get one chance to submit your answers in Handshake and you can not make edits. Another reason to draft your responses in advance is that you may also be timed out of the application in Handshake. (PDF Application Instructions)

    *Your supervisor will be able to read all of your application form responses. If there is additional information you would like included in your application, but would not like for your supervisor to read, use this Google form.  Any questions or concerns about sharing your responses with your supervisor can be directed to

    *Be sure to enter your supervisor’s email address correctly. See item 4 below.

  3. Attach your most recent, up-to-date version of your resume to your application form.

    TIP! If you would like to be considered for the Kauffman Fellowship for Biomedical Research program, you must also attach a copy of your Amherst College transcript. (PDF Instructions for Kauffman Fellowship Application)

  4. Once you submit your application form through Handshake, the system will automatically email the internship supervisor you indicated in your application an electronic version of the Supervisor Confirmation Form. This must be completed and submitted to the Loeb Center by the next application deadline in order to have your application considered by the funding committee. 

    TIP! You are encouraged to contact your supervisor after you submit your application to notify them that they will be receiving an email from Handshake ( that will include a link to the Supervisor Confirmation Form.

Handshake Directions:

  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Click “Career Center” in the top menu bar.
  3. Select “Experiences” under the “What can we help you find?”
  4. Next, click “Request an Experience”.
  5. In the “Experience Type” box of the form, type in “Loeb Center Internship Funding Common Application 2020” and select it from the drop down.
  6. Complete the application form with the responses you drafted and proofread (see TIPS above). The following fields are required (*Handshake might pre-populate some of this information if your employer and/or your supervisor is already in the system. Make sure to check that this information is accurate before proceeding with your application):
    1. Employer
    2. Location
    3. Job (Type in your job title here.  If you don’t know, type “Intern”)
    4. Internship Supervisor Email Address
    5. Internship Supervisor First Name
    6. Internship Supervisor Last Name
    7. Internship Supervisor Title
    8. All of the questions under the “General” section
  7. Click on the green “Request Experience” button to submit your application form.
  8. Add your most up-to-date-resume as an attachment by clicking the blue “New Attachment” on the left side of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the required pre-departure workshop. What can I do?
If you were unable to attend the summer funding pre-departure workshop the information is available online. In order to complete the requirements for summer funding you will need to read the Powerpoint presentation and complete the Google form on this webpage.
Now that the College has cancelled on campus internships, does that mean the Loeb Center is cancelling all of its internship programming?
The Loeb Center intends to keep running both the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program and the Summer Internship Funding Program throughout the rest of the spring semester and summer.  We will notify the Amherst community as soon as possible should there be any changes to the either program.   

Will the Loeb Center still fund in-person internships?
We are still accepting applications for in-person internships. However, applications for remote internships receive preference when evaluating for funding. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss transforming their in-person internships into remote opportunities.

My internship only meets one of the hour/week requirements.  Can I still apply for funding?
Eligible internships must be at least 6 weeks AND at least 180 total work hours.  If your internship does not meet one or both requirements, we suggest that you speak to your supervisor about modifying your work schedule and internship duration.

Can I use my stipend to support two internships that are 6 weeks and 180 total work hours combined?
No.  You can only submit an application for one internship, which must meet all of the eligibility requirements.

What is a fee-based, placement program?
This is any internship program where you have to pay an organization first before you are placed in an internship at one of their partnering employer sites.

What does “priority deadline” mean?
Priority means that applications received by this deadline will be reviewed and considered for funding first.

I won’t receive an internship offer until after the final deadline.  Can I request an extension?
Unfortunately, we cannot grant extensions or accept applications after the final deadlines.

My supervisor is going to be out of the office close to the deadline and is unable to complete the supervisor confirmation form.  What should I do?
We encourage you to talk to your supervisor about the funding process prior to submitting your application so that they are aware of the required form and the deadline ahead of time.  

I submitted a funding application, but my internship plans have changed.  What should I do?
You will need to notify the Loeb Center that you would like to withdraw your application.  If you have accepted an offer for another internship, you may submit a new application. 

How do I make changes to my application after submitting it? 
If it’s before the deadline, contact the Loeb Center to submit a new, updated application.  Please note that if your supervisor has completed the confirmation form, they may have to complete a new one.  Utilize the PDF application to draft your responses ahead of time, and make sure to check your application before submitting it.

Do I have to submit receipts for purchases made with funds from my stipend?

I accepted an unpaid internship hosted by an employer participating in the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program.  Do I need to submit an application to receive funding?
No.  Please send an email to to formally notify the Loeb Center that you’ve accepted an internship offer through the Houston Program and to request funding.

Contact Us

If you need help with your funding application or have questions contact the Loeb Center by phone at 413-542-2265 or by email at