First Year Loeb Seminar

First Year Loeb Seminar: Making Mammoth Plans (SPRING 2018)

First years, let's think summer! Whether you have plans or not, we can help you make the most of your summer. It all starts with "Making Mammoth Plans," the Loeb Center's spring seminar for first year students.

What to look forward to in the seminar:

  • Help determining what you want to do over the summer
  • In-depth information about how to pursue internships, summer jobs, research, summer abroad, volunteering, and job shadowing
  • Time to create a plan of action to accomplish your own unique summer goals

Seminar Dates:

Monday, Feb. 26  |  7:30-8:45pm  |  Fayerweather 117
Wednesday, Feb. 28  |  4:00-5:00pm  |  Keefe Campus Center 204

Monday, March 5  |  7:30-8:45pm  |  Fayerweather 117
Tuesday, March 20  |  6:30-7:45pm  |  Fayerweather 117
THursday, March 22  |  7:30-8:45pm  |  Fayerweather 117

Tuesday, April 3  |  6:30-7:45pm  |  Fayerweather 117

Seminar materials

Making Mammoth Plans Presentation (PowerPoint)

Making Mammoth Plans Booklet (PDF)

First Year Loeb Seminar: Finding Your Foundation (FALL 2017)

We’ll help you identify your skills, and understand how your values, culture and family influence your thinking about work and careers. This process is fun and interactive, provides a chance to get to know other first years, and helps prepare you for meaningful summer experiences: internships, research, summer jobs, study abroad, volunteering, and more.

Seminar materials

Finding Your Foundation Booklet (PDF)

Finding Your Foundation Presentation (PowerPoint)