Health Professions Committee Registration

The application season is underway for Amherst members of the Classes of 2017, 2018, and alumni from the classes of 2016 and earlier, who are planning to apply to medical school, and veterinary, dental, osteopathic, and physicians assistant school, with assistance from the Health Professions Committee for entrance in the fall of 2018.

Dean Richard Aronson, MD, MPH, Health Professions Advisor, would like you to know that we are available to assist you with the entire process of applying, obtaining letters of recommendation, negotiating the various web sites for registration, planning your study for the MCAT exams, developing your resume and personal statement, and interview skills.   

As detailed in the Amherst Guide for Premedical Students, the Health Professions Committee will write a letter of recommendation on your behalf that will serve as a cover summary letter to your application packet.   We will receive your application materials and provide an electronic application file that we will upload for distribution to the medical schools you are applying to.  If a school does not use electronic distribution to receive applications, we will mail hard copy packets for you.

Registration will open in mid-October 2016 and will be due on November 15, 2016. Please contact Erin Cherewatti for the registration link if you are interested in applying through the Amherst Health Professions Committee.  Please contact the Career Center with any questions.