Amherst / Mt. Holyoke College Teacher Program

Students who wish to obtain licensure for public school teaching may, as an alternative to enrolling in a Masters program after graduation, draw upon our liaison with the Psychology and Education Department at Mount Hoyoke College, and complete the requirements for initial licensure during their undergraduate years.

Amherst College, under the auspices of Mount Holyoke College, is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education to offer teacher education programs in the following licensure areas:

  • teacher of middle school [5-8] in history, English, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, political science/political philosophy, and mathematics
  • teacher of secondary school [8-12] in English, physics, chemistry, history, biology, earth science, political science/political philosophy, and mathematics,
  • teacher of visual art [Pre-K-8], [5-12],
  • teacher of foreign language [5-12]: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, or Latin & classical humanities,
  • teacher of music [All Levels], dance [All Levels], theater [All Levels].

The teaching licenses obtained through these programs are recognized throughout the United States. With initial licensure in Massachusetts, teachers are allowed to teach in public schools for up to five years before they obtain a master's degree in education (M.Ed).

The Amherst College / Mt. Holyoke College Teacher Program involves selecting a licensure subject area and a related major.  Students need to follow a course of study that fulfills  the requirements determined by the Massachusetts Department of Education’s ‘Field of Knowledge’ form as well as complete a required number of Psychology and Education courses. Amherst College students should consult the General Timeline provided to keep them on track to fulfill all requirements within their undergraduate degree.

The requirements for Massachusetts licensure involves both coursework and a considerable number of hours engaged in classroom teaching/experience.  Students interested in the Amherst College / Mount Holyoke Teacher Licensure program should consult with Sarah Frenette, the Five College Teacher Licensure Coordinator, as early as possible in their time at Amherst.