Host a Houston Intern

Our flagship Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program will match you with high-performing interns who can immediately add value and help you achieve your organizational goals. With an 11% acceptance rate, Amherst attracts some of the top students in the country, 40% of whom will graduate with an honors thesis.

The diversity of people, ideas, and experiences in our campus community comes from a student body that hails from 48 states and 51 countries. Additionally, 45% of our students identify as people of color. This eclectic mix of students opens up extraordinary opportunities for learning and prepares highly team-oriented students
to make a lasting impact at your organization.

The Houston Program offers students 360° support throughout the entire internship cycle, including preparatory advising, professional skill development, and assistance throughout their summer experiences. As a result of this process, interns arrive for work ready to contribute to the success of your organization.

Benefits of Participation

The flexibility of the Houston Program allows organizations to easily incorporate students into their own internship programs. Participating internship hosts can leverage our expertise and campus resources to identify and engage with high-quality students. We offer:

  • personalized consultative services to effectively recruit and source top talent
  • a dedicated team to help you navigate the hiring process and to support you and your intern throughout the internship
  • assistance with arranging virtual interviews
  • a dedicated event planner for on campus recruitment events
  • marketing and brand-building communications to student populations across campus

The Houston Program is a great way for you to cultivate talent for full-time positions and connect with individuals who may contribute to your organization for years to come. Additionally, your organization’s participation helps students develop the professional skills, experiences, and networks necessary to launch their professional careers.

Eligible Internships

To be eligible for Houston Program participation, the internship must:

  • include substantive work that is appropriately challenging and allows an intern to contribute meaningfully to the operations and mission of the company
  • be at least 6 weeks long and a minimum of 180 total work hours (30 hours per week)
  • pay a fair wage, at least the local minimum wage rate
  • provide a supervisor who is able to provide both direction and constructive, regular performance feedback  

Learn More

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Houston Internship Testimonials

"I know from personal experience how valuable my summer internships were to my growth and development. As such, we were thrilled to have Michael Gibson intern with us and to have the opportunity to lean into his growth and development. He made a significant contribution to our organization, and in the process developed what I expect will be lifelong mentors and friends."

Chaka Patterson '90, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Adtalem Global Education

Student Experience: Undergraduate Legal Intern

Michael Gibson Jr. speaks about his time as a Undergraduate Legal Intern at Adtalem Global Education.

"She [Marissa] produced more than any summer intern I've had in the four years I've worked here. She crushed it. Her unique crossover skills allowed her to be productive in both the creative and the quantitative. She did Amherst proud." 

Matt Collins '94, Former Senior Vice President of Marketing, Simulmedia

Student Experience: Marketing Intern

Marissa Guzzo spent her summer at Simulmedia as a Marketing Intern. Hear about her remote internship experience.