What the Houston Program Can Do for You

The Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program (“Houston Program”) is designed to provide Amherst students with substantive, meaningful, paid summer internship opportunities in various industries across the U.S. and abroad.

In addition to providing students with quality internships, the Houston Program offers students 360° support throughout the entire internship cycle, including preparatory advising, professional skill development, and assistance throughout their summer experiences. Through this process, students will develop valuable and transferable skills, expand their networks, and gain exposure and insight to further their career exploration and planning.

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • A broad range of summer internship opportunities hosted by Amherst alumni, parents, and friends of the College that are designed to challenge students to expand their skill sets, discover new talents and interests, and cultivate new professional relationships.
  • Workshops and programming that walk students through how to land their ideal internships and best utilize their summers to further their career goals.
  • Dedicated staff members available to offer one-on-one advising and support throughout the school year and summer.
  • Structured performance feedback from summer internship supervisors.
  • Access to additional internship-related tips, advice, and student success stories.

How does it work?

All Houston Program internships can be found on Handshake.  In order to be able to apply to these opportunities, students must complete the requirements to enroll in the program.

Prior Members of amherst select

If you were enrolled in the Amherst Select during previous academic years, you will only need to complete the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program Application found in Handshake to enroll in the Houston Program.

First Time Program Enrollment
  • Attend at least one of the Internship Preparation Workshops listed below.  You must RSVP for a workshop in Handshake:
    • Internship Search Process 101
    • Foundations of Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    • Mastering the Internship Interview
  • Have a resume reviewed and approved for use in Handshake by either a Peer Career Advisor (PCA) or career advisor in the Loeb Center. Students with already-approved resumes in Handshake do not need to resubmit. For more information about the Loeb Center resume approval process, click here.
  • Complete and submit the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program application found in Handshake. Note: You must complete the previous two steps before submitting this application.

Note: It can take up to two business days for your application to be processed.


Students interested in enrolling in Houston Program must:

  • Be a first-year, sophomore, junior, or senior who will be graduating in December.
  • Be enrolled at the College during both the semesters prior to  and after their summer internships

Students who are studying abroad are eligible to participate in the program, but must contact the Loeb Center to make other arrangements for fulfilling the requirements to enroll.

Applying for Internships

Once you become a Houston Program Member, you will be able to apply for Houston-designated internships through Handshake. Positions will begin to accept applications towards the end of fall semester, and new positions will continue to be posted to Handshake throughout the spring.

Each internship host has identified a deadline for when prospective interns must submit resumes, cover letters and other application materials. Please make sure to read the posting carefully for both the deadline and application instructions. 

You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a Loeb Center advisor for assistance with preparing your application.

How to search for Houston Internships

  • Start by logging in to Handshake.
  • Click on Jobs in the top menu bar.
  • From here, go to Filters and scroll down to the bottom of the page to 'Labeled by your School' and type "houston program 19-20"
  • Remember to save this search! Click the 'save your search' link on the left side of the page.
Accepting an Offer

After you accept an offer to complete a Houston internship, you must report your acceptance to the Loeb Center.  Please send an email to internships@amherst.edu to report.

Final Reports & Performance Evaluation

Internships not only give you the opportunity to gain work experience; they also provide you with insight into how you can grow as a professional.  Every student who completes a Houston internship will be asked to complete a final report at the end of their internship and will receive a performance evaluation from their internship supervisors.  

Evaluations are kept confidentially in the Loeb Center.  Students may request to access evaluations at any point during the school year following their summer internships.

For any questions about the Houston Program, please email internships@amherst.edu.