What the Houston Program Can Do for You

Internships can be powerful tools for students who are at the beginning of their career journeys -- but, it’s not always clear how to best maximize internship experiences or determine which one is the best fit.  Even more so, it’s hard to know where to even start the search process.

The Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program (“Houston Program”) is designed to help Amherst students discover, test, and define the lives and careers they wish to pursue after graduation through robust exploration and career development programming and substantive, meaningful summer internship opportunities. 

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Workshops and programming designed to walk students through creating a blueprint for career exploration, landing their ideal internships, best utilizing their summer to further their career goals.
  • Curated list of a broad range of summer internship opportunities hosted by Amherst alumni, parents, and friends of the College that are designed to challenge students to expand their skill sets, discover new talents and interests, and cultivate professional relationships.
  • Access to Loeb Center internship funding for unpaid or low-paying summer internships.
  • Dedicated staff members available to offer one-on-one advising and support throughout the school year and summer.

How does it work?

Students must complete the following requirements to become a member of the program.


If you were a member of the Houston Program during the 2020 - 2021 academic year, you will need to do the following to re-enroll in the program this year:

First Time Program Enrollment
  1. Attend or watch at least ONE of the Internship Preparation Workshops/Clinics listed below. For the LIVE workshops you must RSVP in Handshake prior to attending.  In order to receive credit for watching one of the pre-recorded workshops, you must complete the questionnaire associated with that workshop.
  2. Have a resume reviewed and approved for use in Handshake by either a Peer Career Advisor (PCA) or career advisor in the Loeb Center.  Read about the Loeb Center resume approval process and review the Resume Approval Checklist.
  3. Complete the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program Application in Handshake.

Students interested in enrolling in Houston Program must:

  • Be a first-year, sophomore, junior, or senior who will be graduating in December 2022.
  • Be enrolled at the College during both the semesters prior to and after their summer internships. Students who are studying abroad are eligible to participate in the program.

Students who are studying abroad are eligible to participate in the program, but must contact the Loeb Center to make other arrangements for fulfilling the requirements to enroll.


Enrolling in the program is only half of the process.  You are encouraged to meet with the Houston Program advisors to provide you with one-on-one, personalized internship search guidance.  

The Loeb Center has established relationships with a network of employers, many of the Amherst alumni, who seek to offer substantive, meaningful summer internships to students enrolled in the Houston Program. Once you become a Houston Program member, you will receive access to the list of these opportunities and will receive a stipend from the Loeb Center if you accept an offer from an unpaid, Houston-approved internship.   

If you are a Houston Program member who accepts an offer for an unpaid, non-Houston-approved internship, you may submit an application requesting a stipend.  This request will be evaluated by a committee.  Review this page for more information.

making mammoth plans workshop series



You have big dreams. Tons of ideas. Lots of interests. Maybe some uncertainty. How and where do you start? Making Mammoth Plans workshop series is here to help. Designed especially for first year students, you'll leave this 3-session series with three different career exploration blueprints to test out throughout your Amherst experience.

  • Session 1: Understanding the career exploration process
  • Session 2: Naming what matters to you
  • Session 3: Mapping where you are hoping to go

Each workshop session builds on the prior, and will focus on collaboration and peer-to-peer learning. Therefore, we ask that by signing up you are committing to attending all three, 1.5-hour sessions (October 8, 15, 22). Advanced sign up through Handshake is required.  



Are you thinking about applying for an internship for the first time this summer? Have you struggled with finding internships in the past?  By utilizing design thinking practices, this workshop series aims to help students define their internship target(s), discover the tools and strategies they can use to search for opportunities, and learn how to successfully apply for internships.  Specifically, workshop topics include:

  • Session 1: Defining Your Internship Target
  • Session 2: Developing an Internship Search Toolbox
  • Session 3: Crafting Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Session 4: What to Expect During Interviews & Manage Internship Offers
  • Session 5: How to Conduct an Interview
  • Session 6: Preparing for Your Summer Internship  

Each workshop builds off of each other and focuses on collaborating and learning from peer participants.  Therefore, by signing up you are stating that you are willing to attend all six, 1.5-hour sessions.  All workshops take from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm Wednesdays from October 13 - November 17.

Final Reports & Performance Evaluation

Internships not only give you the opportunity to gain work experience; they also provide you with insight into how you can grow as a professional.  Every student who completes a Houston internship will be asked to complete a final report at the end of their internship and will receive a performance evaluation from their internship supervisors.  

Evaluations are kept confidentially in the Loeb Center.  Students may request to access evaluations at any point during the school year following their summer internships.

For any questions about the Houston Program, please email internships@amherst.edu.