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At the heart of Amherst’s mission to link learning with leadership stands a tradition of alumni engagement and active involvement. Pathways offers a new opportunity for alumni to help students connect the classroom experience to broader issues and prepare for career paths.

Mentoring by faculty and alumni has always been central to the Amherst experience. Through Pathways, students will have more structured opportunities to connect with alumni and build networks. The program seeks to provide students with encouraging, supportive and guiding relationships that encourage them to think critically about what they hope to accomplish—at Amherst and beyond.

We are sure you have your own stories of how the Amherst network supported you, whether through sound advice, an internship or even a job opportunity. And, as you are well aware, success in personal and professional life requires skills beyond the realm of day-to-day, on-the-job experience. Leaders in all fields must possess clarity of purpose, integrity, commitment, and be effective communicators. As a mentor, you can help students hone essential leadership skills and better articulate their goals.

Pathways is an exciting initiative with the potential to set a new standard for alumni-student mentoring. On behalf of the entire college community, we thank you for your commitment to the next generation of Amherst graduates and encourage you to invite other alumni to participate as well.  


Elizabeth Anema
Executive Director of Alumni and Parent Programs and Annual Giving

Ursula Olender
Director, Career Center


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Pathways Coordinators

Emily Griffen
Career Center

Carly Nartowicz
Alumni and Parent Programs