How It Works

All students, even first-years, are encouraged to join Pathways.  Mentors include recent graduates and experienced professionals.  So depending on your goals and expectations, there is a mentor in the database for you.  If you have difficulty identifying a mentor, contact the Career Center to make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your needs.

Pathways offers short- to long-term mentoring engagements that are initiated on a cyclical basis.  Mentoring requests can only be sent during the open enrollment period.  However, you may register for Pathways and create a profile any time. Mentoring terms run on the following schedule:

Mentoring terms run on the following schedule:

  • Fall Term 2015 (relationships set to 1516F): September 8, 2015 - January 11, 2016
    Open Enrollment: September 8 - September 25, 2015
  • Spring Term 2016 (relationships set to 1516S): January 12  - May 20, 2016
    Open Enrollment: January 12 – February 12, 2016

1.      Register for Pathways and Create Your Mentee Profile

In order to register for Pathways mentees and mentors must complete an on-line profile.  A complete and thoughtfully prepared profile gives both parties an opportunity to learn a lot about each other in advance.  As a mentee, you will have an opportunity to search for a mentor based on content included in his or her mentor profile.    A potential mentor will have access to your mentee profile only after you have requested him or her as a mentor.  He or she will use your mentee profile to decide whether or not to accept or decline your request.   

Consider your personal interests and/or extracurricular activities, your goals for a mentoring relationship, and what you would want a potential mentor to know about you when completing your mentee profile.

2.      Requesting a Mentor

Once your profile has been completed and activated, you can use the Pathways tab in the Alumni Directory to search for available mentors.  While searching, bookmark potential mentors for future reference.  Any bookmarked mentors will show up on your profile page.  Mentors cannot see that they have been bookmarked.

To request a mentor, use the on-line platform to send a personalized message.  Refer to the “Connecting with Alumni” section for more information on how to create your message.  The mentor will receive your request by email, review your mentee Pathways profile, and accept or decline your request.  Mentoring requests can only be made during the open enrollment period, but you may register for Pathways and search the database anytime throughout the year. 

Students are limited to one Pathways mentor at any given point, while a mentor may have up to two mentees.  As a result, students can only request one mentor at a time.  You can view the status of your requests and previous/current mentoring relationships on your Pathways profile.  If your request for a mentor is not acknowledged after two weeks, your request will expire allowing you to request another mentor.

At the end of each term, active mentor partnerships automatically terminate so that partnerships can be evaluated and reflected upon.  If mentors and mentees may agree that the previous term was successful and that a continued partnership would be mutually beneficial, the mentee can re-request the mentor through the platform for the following term.  Automatic termination of partnerships allows unsuccessful pairings to end naturally and comfortably.