Who is Michael Loeb ’77 P’21?

Michael Loeb Michael Loeb is a serial entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of Loeb.nyc.

After starting his career at Time Inc., Michael co-founded the Synapse Group with then partner, Jay Walker. Under Michael’s direction, Synapse grew to become the largest seller of consumer magazine subscriptions worldwide, with its patented credit card-based Continuous Service model. Michael and Jay went on to incubate Priceline.com at Synapse, leveraging a shared team of operations and capital.

When Synapse Group was sold to Time Warner for $800mm in 2006, Michael formed Loeb Enterprises with partner, Rich Vogel to ideate and develop new business concepts. The largest of those ventures was ScriptRelief, a first of its kind pharmacy discount provider that has a membership in excess of 12 million Americans which saves patients billions on their prescriptions. ScriptRelief was recently sold to United Healthcare for an undisclosed amount.

As of 2019, self-funded Loeb Enterprises, rebranded to Loeb.nyc, is building and managing a portfolio of over 20 curated companies, most of which are domiciled at Loeb headquarters in Manhattan and half of which are executions of Loeb concepts. Under Michael’s leadership, Loeb.nyc has established a new model for startups. By pairing exceptional strategic and executional talent with passionate founders, and CEOs plus capital Loeb.nyc significantly derisks startup launches of the 20 companies, Loeb expects enough bonafide unicorns to populate a small corral.

Q & A with Michael Loeb

Michael R. Loeb ’77 P’21 was a psychology major at Amherst and captain of the wrestling team. Which seems fitting: as a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” Loeb thinks hard about why people behave the way they do—and grapples with strategies to make their lives better. He is the Founder and CEO of Loeb Enterprises, which has backed, funded or built more than 50 thriving companies, including The Synapse Group and Priceline.com. He also sponsors the Loeb.nyc Summer Internship Program for college students passionate about business and innovation.

In 2016, Amherst’s Career Center became the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning. The name honors a seven-figure gift that helped ensure that “The Loeb” (as everyone now calls it) would become an ever more vibrant hub for career exploration. Katharine Whittemore, Amherst’s senior writer, sat down to chat with Michael Loeb about everything from entrepreneurialism to class to careers to the liberal arts.

So why don’t I just start and ask about your connection to the center that bears your name. Why make an investment in career development at Amherst?

Well, Amherst has changed as society has changed. So the thought behind the career center is that, very early in the curve, we get students thinking about career and focusing on obtaining the building blocks they’ll need to be successful post-graduation.