Loeb Center Workshops

Pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets:

Dynamic Job Search Strategies (Amherst College login Required)

Foundations of Resume and Cover Letter Writing (Amherst College login required)

Mastering the Internship Interview (Amherst College login required)


Handshake Profile Checklist

Resume Review Policy and Process

Assessment, Skill Building, Exploration

Self-Assessment for Career Planning

Career Exploration

Free Online Learning Resources (April 2020)

Careers Communities

Arts and Communication

Business and Finance

Education Professions

Government and Nonprofit

Health Professions


Science and Technology



Using the Alumni Directory

Informational Interviewing

Managing Your Online Image

Seeking Opportunities

Remote and Micro/Project-Based Internships For Students

International Opportunities: Internships, Service/Volunteering, Jobs, Fellowships

Interterm Options

Application Materials & Processes

Cover Letter Guide

Resume Guide

Interview Guide

Conducting Employer Research Handout

Unofficial Transcript Instructions

STAR Method

Graduate School

Graduate School Guide

Applying to Law School

International Students

International Student FAQ: OPT, CPT & H-1B Visa

International Student FAQ: Seeking Jobs & Internships in the U.S.