Work Abroad

Going Global

The GoinGlobal Country Guides are the ultimate international job seeker's guide! Updated continually, this massive research tool contains more than 10,000 resources for finding employment at home and abroad. Developed by a worldwide team of career specialists, each country covers:

  • Job search resources 
  • Employment opportunities and trends 
  • Industry-specific trade and professional 
  • Business resources and networking groups 
  • Work permits and visa regulations 
  • Cost of living and compensation information 
  • Resume/CV writing guidelines 
  • Cultural and interviewing advice 
  • Embassy listings

The Global Key Employer Directory contains corporate listings of leading local and multinational employers in 31 countries around the globe! Over 25,000 listings have been specially selected to reflect companies where professional opportunities are more likely to be available. Company information includes:

  • Full official name of the company 
  • Type of company 
  • Description of company activities 
  • Number of employees 
  • Latest financial figures available (sales, etc) 
  • Names of company officers 
  • NAICS category (North American Industry Classification System
  • Mailing address 
  • Telephone, fax, website
 imageUniworld is database with information on American firms operating overseas as well as foreign companies operating in the U.S.  You can search by region, country, industry, and much more.  This is an excellent tool if you are looking for short term and long term employment overseas.