Counseling Center

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where is it?

A:  The Counseling Center is located on the corner of South Pleasant Street and Hitchcock Road in Scott House, which is the white house directly across the street from Orr Rink.  The entrance is in the back -- on the parking lot side.

Q: When is it open?

A:  Monday through Friday during the academic year (the first day of classes until Commencement) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm.  Walk-In Times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.  The Counseling Center is opened for limited hours during Amherst College breaks (Mid-Semester Break, Thanksgiving Recess, Winter Recess and Spring Recess).  The Counseling Center is open during Interterm.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A:  Stop by the Counseling Center or call (413)542-2354.  If the Counseling Center is closed when you call, leave a message along with the best way to reach you.

Q: How do I know if I should go?

A:  The Counseling Center is a good way to get help and support if you're dealing with a stressful situation, especially if it's something that you might not feel comfortable talking through with friends, family members, or other supports. You are welcome to talk with someone at the Counseling Center whether it's about a life-changing event or simply a worrisome one. It can also be a good resource if you're worried about a friend and want advice from an experienced professional about how you can best be helpful.

Q : What would an appointment be like?

A:  Students sit down with a counselor to survey the situation and decide together where the problem lies and what is needed. Your counselor will listen and prompt you to clarify your own thinking, rather than deciding for you or giving advice.  The counselor will make suggestions and recommendations about what course of therapy might be the most helpful.

Q : How often are appointments? How long do they last?

A:  Ordinarily, students will see a counselor for a 45 to 50 minute appointment.  The frequency of the appointments, (e.g. once per week, once every two weeks, etc.) will be based on what might be the most practical and helpful way to address the student's individual needs.

Q: For how long can I continue counseling?

A:  Most students find that they have reached some helpful clarity within about six sessions.  It is certainly possible to return if the problem reoccurs or if another problem presents itself.  The Counseling Center can also help students with referrals for longer-term counseling with private therapists in the area.

Q: Will the Counseling Center tell anyone else that I have used their services?

A: The Counseling Center is a confidential resource; a counselor would only talk with a Dean or parent if a student makes a request or if there were an imminent risk of serious injury or violence. No other campus office has knowledge of a student's visits to the Counseling Center without his or her explicit permission. Counseling Center records are destroyed 7 years after graduation.