Counseling Center

Mental Health at Amherst: from Distress to De-stress

Create a Caring Community


Our mission is to foster students’ intellectual and personal growth, and help students develop the emotional resilience to respond to life events in ways that support their well-being and integrity.


We envision a campus environment that supports and empowers students to realize their full potential.


  • Make information about how to help students in distress readily available to students, faculty, staff and parents
  • Train Amherst College community members on how to respond to students in distress
  • De-stigmatize "having a hard time" and help-seeking
  • Provide resources that are accessible and address student needs
  • Promote wellness skill-building and emotional resiliency


Creating a Caring Community is funded through the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Campus Suicide Prevention grant, administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which Amherst College was awarded in the fall of 2012.