Office of Student Affairs

3. Myth or Fact Quiz

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 1) Myth or Fact? Academic dishonesty is not taken seriously at Amherst College and students rarely have charges brought against them.

2) Myth or Fact? Each Amherst College faculty member has the right to establish his/her own rules regarding student collaboration on assignments.

3) Myth or Fact? There is no way to prove I cheated unless the faculty member catches me in the act so no disciplinary action can be taken against me.

4) Myth or Fact? My academic dishonesty record will remain confidential and cannot be shared with anyone.

5) Myth or Fact? The Dean of Student Conduct may impose any penalty up to suspension for one semester.

6) Myth or Fact? The Dean of Student Conduct may impose a penalty of failure in the course.

7) Myth or Fact? Cheating is the only form of academic dishonesty

8) Myth or Fact? Any member of the Amherst College community may file a complaint of academic dishonesty against a student.

9) Myth or Fact? Amherst College’s Honor Code can only be violated on campus.

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