Office of Student Affairs

Air Conditioner Units for Medical Accomodations

Use & Regulations

Students that require the use of an air conditioner due to a documented medical condition are permitted.  If you require this accomodation, please contact Accessibility Services.

Amherst College-Office of Student Affairs
Accessibility Services
Converse Hall, Room 201
Amherst, MA 01002

413.542.5447 voice
413.542.8488 fax

Regulations & Procedures: 

  • Medical Documentation:  Medical approval is needed either if a student participates in attaining a room through the room draw process, or the preferential medical housing process.  A student may be directed to Health Services on campus for an evaluation.
  • Installation Procedure:  Upon approval, the student should contact the Service Center (via phone at 413.542.2254, or email at to make arrangements for the installation of the unit.  For installation appointments, sufficient time should be considered to allow for advance notice to roommate(s), if applicable. 
  • Safety Regulations:  For a student's own safety and the safety of others, it is important that units are not installed, nor uninstalled by anyone other than authorized staff of the college.
  • Unit Size Regulations:   Students with approval may bring air conditioners of 5,000 BTUs, or less. 
  • Please note: Use of portable air conditioning units must be adhered to by use of the same policy. 
  • The College does not provide air conditioner units.
  • Uninstall Procedure:  At the close of the semester, all air conditioners must be uninstalled by authorized staff of the College.  It is important that a student contact the service center to have the unit removed. 
  • Storage:  The College does not provide storage for air conditioning units. At the close of the academic year, students are expected to make arrangements to have the unit stored by their own means.
  • Unauthorized Use:  The unauthorized use of an air conditioning unit is subject to removal of the unit by College.