Office of Student Affairs

Office of the Controller

203 College Hall, (413) 542–2101 (select option 1) 

Amongst other financial responsibilities, the Controller's Office administers the student billing and collection process at the college within the Student Accounts Department. Any questions concerning this process or a particular issue with a billed amount can be addressed within this department at either 413-542-2817 or 413-542-2811.

Tuition and Fees for 2014–15

General administration concerning the collection of tuition/fees and the refund policy is handled by the Office of the Controller.

Comprehensive Fee (Tuition, Room, Board)
Student Activities Fee
Residential Life
Campus Center Programs
Student Health Insurance (waivable)

Optional, independent tuition insurance covering medical withdrawals is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. For further details see the additional information below in the Tuition section of this document.

The Student Activities Fee supports various activities of the student body for 2014–15 and is determined by the student government. The fee (half of which is included in each bill) is remitted to this Committee for disbursement to the various student organizations. The fee contributes to the support of the student government, the yearbook, the radio station and the numerous other registered student organizations. The Residential Life Fee is used to promote cultural and social activities in the residential units and all-campus entertainment. The Campus Center Program Fee supports extracurricular activities in the Keefe Campus Center.

Each new student, or former student reentering, is charged a $175 guarantee deposit. Included in the $175 deposit is a $25 transcript fee. This portion of the fee is a nonrefundable charge. The $150 is refundable after graduation or withdrawal from the college, less any unpaid charges against the student’s account. Refunds of this deposit and/or credit balances are issued in August following graduation, after all year-end charges have been processed.

Additional charges to cover library fines, residence hall damage, special fees, returned-check charges and similar charges are periodically billed to a student's account as necessary. Questions about the details of a particular charge should be directed to the office generating the charge.

Every student is urged to ensure that another person is alerted to act on his or her behalf if he or she is likely to be absent when billing is due, especially during Interterm and the summer months.


The cost of books will vary from course to course, but each student should have at least $400 to $500 reserved for books at the start of each semester. Students who receive financial aid have had, included in the budget upon which the aid is based, an allowance of $1,000 per year for books and supplies. However, students should not expect to receive money from the college for books unless their total financial aid (including outside scholarships and loans) exceeds the fixed charge of the college. Short-term loans are available to enable financial aid recipients to purchase books. Students should not expect to receive additional scholarship assistance for books unless it can be demonstrated that books and supplies exceed the $1,000 allowance.

Refund Policy

Refund of payment or credit on an account in the event of a withdrawal is noted on the table below. Period of attendance is calculated from the first day of scheduled classes.

Optional, independent tuition insurance covering medical withdrawals is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. For further details see the additional information below in the Tuition section of this document.

Please note that students not intending to return to the campus should inform the Office of Student Affairs before April 1 for the fall semester and before Nov. 1 for the spring semester. Students who fail to inform the college before those dates are not guaranteed housing when they seek to return. These students are placed on a waiting list and are provided campus rooms only as space becomes available.


Tuition for Academic Year 201415

Period of attendance calculated from day of first scheduled classes: 

Fall Semester
prior to Sep. 2
Sep. 312 (90%)
Sep. 1321 (50%) 
Sep. 22Oct. 18 (25%) 
Oct. 19 or later
Spring Semester
prior to Jan. 22
Jan. 23Feb. 1 (90%)
Feb. 210 (50%)
Feb. 11March 9 (25%)
March 10 or later 
no refund

Optional insurance supplementing the Amherst refund policy exists through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Subscribers are assured a refund of tuition within the terms of the plan for medical withdrawals. All medical withdrawals under the program are insured at 80% of the applicable tuition portion of the comprehensive fee previously paid to Amherst. 

We strongly urge you to carefully read the information provided at and assess the program’s suitability for your needs. If you wish to participate in the program you must return the application form you received by mail and premium to Dewar or complete the online application at by September 2, 2014. Any family wishing to insure a reduced amount of tuition may also do so by using the online calculator at

This is a private program that is not provided, or administered, by the College. Thus, payments for this program are sent directly to Dewar and not sent to the College. Please note that this program is not available when a student studies away from Amherst. Depending on the circumstances, alternative arrangements may be made for coverage during that semester by communicating directly with Jack Strain at Dewar (617-774-1555).


Room and Board

Refunds are made on a per-item basis for any student who withdraws voluntarily or who is dismissed from the college during a semester.

Scholarship Grants

Scholarship grants are cancelled in full when determining cash refunds.