Office of Student Affairs

Office of Financial Aid

B-5 Converse Hall 

(413) 542–2296


Gail W. Holt, Dean of Financial Aid

Kathleen A. Gentile, Senior Associate Dean of Financial Aid

Michael P. Ellison, Associate Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Jennifer M. Christian Wright, Assistant Dean of Financial Aid

Nancy A. Robinson, Student Employment Coordinator

Nancy A. Brownfield, Financial Aid Counselor

Leah M. Freeman, Financial Aid Assistant / Receptionist
Paola A. Gallego, Student Records Assistant


Students should consult the Office of Financial Aid on matters relating to:

  • scholarships, grants and student employment
  • federal and state financial programs
  • student and parent loans
  • veterans’ affairs
  • general questions concerning educational financial planning.

The Financial Aid office’s website provides comprehensive information about applying for aid. Students should refer to Notes Concerning Your Financial Aid Award for official policy on financial aid at the college.

Campus Employment

Jobs are more plentiful at Amherst than at many colleges. Last year, about three-fourths of all Amherst students were employed through the college sometime during the year. They earned more than $1.9 million—an average of more than $1,600 per student worker. Nonetheless, it is left to each student to secure employment, with the more attractive jobs going to those students with special skills, experience or initiative.

Departments are asked to give priority to financial aid recipients in employing students in the first two weeks of the fall semester. For students receiving financial aid, the college has planned for $1,800 in college-year earnings in setting their awards. While upperclass students have some advantage in retaining jobs from the previous year, first-year and transfer students usually arrive early for Orientation and thus get first crack at September openings.

Departments (for example, Dining Services, Frost Library, Facilities, Mead Art Museum, Music, Athletics, Information Technology, etc.) hire students with their own funds. There is no central placement office for campus jobs, although departments are asked to list vacancies with the Office of Financial Aid. On-campus positions and off-campus temporary job listings (for example, yard work, bartending and babysitting) may be posted on the Financial Aid office’s website. Students eligible for the Federal Work Study Program may be employed off campus in governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations during the academic year and summer. Every student seeking employment through the college must file an I-9 Form with the Financial Aid office to certify his or her eligibility for employment (i.e., identification and citizenship or visa status). Students should also file withholding forms W-4 and M-4 (Massachusetts) with the Financial Aid office.

The college pays for student work by check or direct deposit on a biweekly basis throughout the year. Student employment wages range from $8 to $12.50 per hour.