Office of Student Affairs

Office of the Registrar

101 Converse Hall, (413) 542–2226

Kathleen D. Kilventon, Registrar
(413) 542–2226;

Lillian Mosgofian, Associate Registrar 
Classroom assignments, final exams, scheduling for departments, grading
(413) 542–5066;

Jesse D. Barba, Associate Registrar and Associate Director of Institutional Research
Data Analysis, Audit, Surveys, IPEDS, Report Requests, Enrollment Information
(413) 542–2226;

Eva Diaz, Registration Assistant and Receptionist
Student Addresses, Major Declarations, Certifications, Registrations  
(413) 542–2226;

Stacey A. Cooney, Academic Records Assistant
Transcripts, Prizes, Course Catalog, Course Listings, Schedule Registrations 
(413) 542–5068;

The Office of the Registrar maintains the academic records of the college. It should be consulted on matters relating to:

  • course registration, course schedules and changes in courses
  • online catalogs and course and examination schedules
  • Five College Interchange courses
  • transcripts
  • transfer credits
  • degree requirements
  • verification of attendance
  • student home address information
  • choosing a major
  • the release of directory information (please see the Office of the Registrar’s webpage for more information).