Office of Student Affairs

Multicultural Resource Center

Keefe Campus Center
Interim Director: Mariana M. Cruz, M.S. 

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) at Amherst College welcomes ALL students from ALL backgrounds. The Center actively and intentionally contributes to the College’s goal of creating a more inclusive community by acknowledging, celebrating and promoting the diverse experiences of every student. Toward this goal, it seeks to educate, support and connect a variety of constituencies including students, student groups, administrative and academic departments, staff and alumni to explore complex issues around race, class, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, religion/spirituality and political ideology.

The MRC works to create an Amherst community that is equitable, inclusive and socially just for every person. The Center supports and expands upon Amherst College’s mission that its undergraduates “assume substantial responsibility for undertaking inquiry and for shaping their education within and beyond the curriculum.” The Center fosters the development of identity consciousness, allyship, leadership and social justice within the Amherst community. As such, it designs programs, facilitates discussions, advises student groups and provides workshops and trainings. We interrogate difference and bridge divides, and expressly support marginalized students. The Center anchors itself in the philosophy of intersectionality, which recognizes that individuals are a composite of distinct and numerous identities. As stated by the Amherst College Board of Trustees:

Our humanity is an identity forged from differences, and our differences deepen our knowledge and strengthen our community.

The newly renovated Center boasts a lending library that consists of books, academic journals and movies. Programs and events for the 2013-2014 academic year include Intergroup Dialogue, cultural celebrations, creative presentations, film series, lunch series and speaker series. Interim Director Mariana Cruz holds an MA in Government with a focus on Latino/a community politics and an M.S. in Education with a focus on cultural studies and program planning. Prior to joining the team at Amherst College she held positions at Cornell University and Bowdoin College. Mariana is available to meet during office hours for advising and mentoring or just a friendly hello. Center staff also includes Coordinator Nick Cream and five peer programmers.