Office of Student Affairs



The Student Handbook provides brief, useful introductions to many of the most important aspects of student life at Amherst College. Its topics range from rules and regulations to the constitution of the student government. New students should read it thoroughly, early in their first semester, so that they can become familiar with the services and resources the college provides for all students and the requirements and expectations they will have to meet. Upperclass students should keep it on hand to refer to when necessary.

The Handbook is, of course, only one of many good sources of information about the college. Students should consult the College Catalog, their faculty advisors and members of the Office of the Dean of Students staff if they have further questions about any of the topics addressed here. Other members of the college community—faculty, administration and staff—stand ready to help all students when questions or problems arise. I urge you to make use of these resources no matter how trivial you think your questions may be. Doing so will help make your years at the college as productive and enjoyable as possible.


Charri Boykin-East

Interim Dean of Students