Travel Tips & Contact Information

Travel Tips & Contact Information

Information for students preparing for the trip to Amherst College can be found in Arrival and Travel.”  This summary sheet provides specific information about issues pertinent to your actual day of travel, including:

►        What should I pack in my carry-on bag?

►        Who should I contact if I have a problem during my trip?

►        What should I do if my checked baggage gets lost in transit?

You should keep this information sheet in your carry-on bag when traveling to the U.S.

Carry-On Bag

Before leaving for the airport, make sure you have the following items in the bag that you will carry into the airplane cabin with you:

Travel documents:

  • Airline tickets and travel itinerary
  • Current passport with at least six months validity remaining before the expiration date and containing a valid F-1 or J-1 student visa stamp for Amherst College
  • I-20AB Form (F-1 visa students) or DS-2019 Form (J-1 visa students) from Amherst College;
  • Financial documentation (financial aid award letter and / or Certification of Finances form with supporting material.)
  • Acceptance Letter from Amherst College Office of Admission

Note: You must not pack these documents in your checked baggage, as you will have to present these documents to the immigration inspection officer upon your arrival in the U.S and you will not have access to your checked baggage until after you go through the immigration inspection.

  • Sufficient cash, traveler’s checks, bank card or credit card for anticipated ground transportation expenses or unexpected emergency arrangements
  •  “Day-of-Travel Information and Contact Sheet” and “Travel and Arrival Information for International Students,” in case you need to make an unexpected change in ground transportation arrangements due to flight delays
  •  Eyeglasses, contact lenses, valuables, medication, personal toiletries in permitted quantities (see the “Security Restrictions” section on page 4 of the “Travel and Arrival Information” sheet for more information) and a change of clothes, in case your checked baggage is temporarily misplaced in transit

 Contact Information for Amherst College

International Students Office (413) 542-2612 or (413) 542-5840 (Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

Office of Student Affairs: (413) 542-2337 (during office hours, above)

Campus Police: (413) 542-2291 (available 24-hours per day to assist students)

 Lost / Delayed Baggage

In advance of your trip:

  • Make certain that each of your bags has a luggage tag or label on it with your identifying information.
  •  Attach the same identifying information to the inside of each bag (in case the outer tag is lost or damaged); along with the address to which lost baggage should be delivered (see below).
  •  Check the website of the airline(s) you’ll be traveling on, to determine any special procedures related to “lost / delayed baggage,” including any procedures for filling a claim related to expenses incurred as a result of the baggage delay.  Print out this information, should you need it after your arrival in the U.S.

 After your arrival in the U.S, should you determine that your baggage has not arrived with your flight:

  • Immediately file a report with the airport’s “baggage service office” and, if possible, with an airline representative.  Request a copy of the report for yourself
  •  Complete all necessary paper work and provide the Amherst College address (see below) to which your lost bag should be delivered, when it is found
  •  Obtain whatever printed information is available at the airport’s baggage service office regarding follow-up procedures for delivery of lost baggage
  •  Obtain the contact phone number of airport’s baggage service office and the name of the representative for follow-up on status of lost baggage delivery

Note:    We recommend that you provide the following address information for delivery of lost baggage:

 Campus Police Office
Amherst College
6 East Drive (off Rt. 9)
Amherst, MA 01002-5000
Phone: (413) 542-2291

This address is to be used only for emergency delivery of baggage lost in transit.  [Campus Police will not accept delivery of any other baggage or packages for students.]  Campus Police will temporarily hold your baggage at the Campus Police Office, but will not deliver your baggage to your dormitory.  Campus Police will then contact one of the ISA co-chairs, who will then pick up your luggage and bring it to your dormitory.