New Students

New Student Action 2

The following email was sent to first-year students and new transfer scholars on August 7, 2015.


Course Selection

Beginning a Conversation on Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Honor Code
  • Sexual Respect and Title IX
  • MANDATORY ACTION ITEM: e-CHECKUP TO GO: All new students are expected to complete the online Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO program prior to the start of Orientation (Tuesday, September 1), thus allowing the College to have a common foundation of which to dialogue about expectations, opportunities and our community standards. Please make the time to complete this program. It should only take about 20-30 minutes to complete.

    In order for you to get credit for completing the program, you must:

    1. Visit
    2. Complete each assessment page
    3. Review each feedback page
    4. Complete the Verification of Completion. On the final feedback page ("Resources"), click the button that says "Verify Your Completion of the eCHECKUP TO GO"
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete all pages of the Verification. When completing the Verification, please enter your Amherst College email address.

LEAP Program Risk Release

  • All incoming students have been placed in a LEAP program; LEAP program assignments were emailed to incoming students on August 7. LEAP programs begin on Thursday, September 3. Morning meet-up times and locations are being updated and this information will be available in an ongoing basis. Please check the Orientation Schedule for the most up to date information
  • MANDATORY ACTION ITEM: Before Tuesday, September 1, all incoming students are required to read the LEAP Program Risk Release and to sign the agreement
    • Students who are 18 years old or older (as of September 1): Read the agreement here. Log into AC Data and sign the Risk Release. The form to sign is called "Orientation Risk Release" and it is located under the "New Students" menu in AC Data.
    • Students who are 17 years old or younger (as of Sept. 1): A copy of the agreement has been emailed to you. Print, read, and co-sign the agreement with your parent or guardian. Return the completed form to the Office of Student Affairs: Email it to; fax it to 413-542-8488; or mail it to Robyn Rogers / Office of Student Affairs / Amherst College / Amherst, MA 01002.

Event Schedule and Information About Some Events

  • Orientation Schedule
  • Class Photo Order Information
  • We highly encourage you to sign up for a Family Interview if one of your family members or friends will participate in the first days of Orientation with you. This is a moment set aside for you to mark the important transition to college by sharing meaningful memories of the past and expectations for the future in a recorded interview.

Arrival Information and Reminders

  • All new students are expected to arrive for Orientation on Tuesday, September 1 between 7:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Your day starts with check-in on the Freshman Quad. Room keys and Orientation packets will be available in your dorm.  Orientation Leaders (OLs) and Resident Counselors (RCs) will be present in the residence halls to meet you, answer any questions you may have and help you settle into your room.
  • Should you arrive after 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 1, you can pick up your room key at the Campus Police Department, which is in the Service Building. Should we have any weather disruptions, please check your email and the College’s website for up-to-date information about postponements or closures.
  • Your residence hall and roommate assignment will be entered into AC Data on August 15. If you have any questions regarding housing, please contact Corry Collona at or 413-542-2161.
  • Check the Residential Life Calendar before you consider when to book travel tickets home for Thanksgiving or Winter Recess.
  • Amherst College: Freshman Survey Invitation:Please tell us about you! Amherst College is participating in a national survey about incoming college students. Conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, this survey asks your opinion on many items relevant to the impact of college.  Every fall, students from colleges and universities across the country are asked to participate in this same survey.  It asks about your expectations for college, your academic habits and experiences, what influenced your college choice, your goals and values, and how you spend your time…. Etc.

New Student Guide