New Students

LEAP Programs

A few days into Orienation, you will begin an immersive LEAP (learn | explore | activate | participate) program. The seven LEAP programs will run from Thursday, Sept. 3 morning to Saturday, Sept. 5  afternoon. Participation in one of the LEAP programs is mandatory for all incoming students.

The goals of the LEAP programs are:

  • Build community and help new students make long-lasting friendships
  • Facilitate collaborative learning and discovery
  • Challenge students in supportive contexts to move outside of their comfort zones




Check back next year for more opportunities to select into LEAP!

If you have any questions, please contact Joanie Ly at


  1. Creative Art and Performance
  2. Community Engagement Orientation Trip
  3. First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trip
  4. Journeys in Creative Writing
    1. Creating Utopia
    2. Making Picture Books
    3. Reading and Writing Poetry with Emily Dickinson
    4. Voices of Individuality
  5. Meet at the Mead
  6. Mindfullness and Easy Yoga for College Life
  7. Sustainability
    1. Book and Plow FARM
    2. Solving Climate Change

 Click on each program link for more information! 

Instructions for completing the LEAP Program Selection form

The LEAP Program Selection form will ask you to list your top 5 choices. Read the descriptions of all 7 programs carefully before you list your preferences. Note that some of the LEAP programs occur entirely off-campus during the 2.5 days. We guarantee that you will be placed in one of the 5 LEAP programs that you include in your rankings. If you don't want to be in a prorgam, don't select it! The Office of Student Affairs will let you know your LEAP program assignment in July.

For general questions about the LEAP programs, contact our Orientation Coordinator, Joanie Ly. For specific information about each program, contact the program directors who are listed on the individual LEAP program webpages.