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Frequently Asked Questions – Incoming Amherst College Transfer Students

Q: How do I obtain my Amherst College student ID number and Amherst College email address?
A: Transfer students entering in the Fall receive an email from the Information Technology (IT) department early in June containing their account information, including their email address. Students entering in the Spring semester or those admitted later for the Fall semester also receive such notification within days of the completion of their formal matriculation.

The notification is sent to the email address you used during the admission process, and it contains a change to your Amherst username: Your Amherst class year is appended to your applicant username. Note that the password you used during the application process will still work with your new username.

Once notified about your Amherst email account and username change, you can access your Amherst College email by going to any page on the College website and, in the upper-right corner, clicking on the Tools menu. From the menu, select “Web Mail” and log in using your Amherst username (the new one) and the password you used to log in to your “AC Data” account throughout the application process. If you don't know or have forgotten your Amherst username and/or password, contact the IT Service Desk at 413-542-2526.

You will also be assigned an Amherst College student ID number during the admission process. To view your student ID number, go to any page on the College website and, in the upper-right corner, click on the Tools menu. From the menu, select “AC Data” and log in using your Amherst username and password. Select “Student Summary,” which is located under the Academic Profile heading. Your student ID number is the 7-digit number that is listed before your name.

Q: When do I need to arrive on campus?
A: New transfer students are expected to arrive at the College on Sunday, August 24th, between 9:00 a.m. and noon for New Student Orientation. When you arrive, stop by Converse Hall, where you will get a rousing welcome and receive information about Orientation, your key, and your student ID card. Once you arrive on campus for orientation, you will remain on campus until the beginning of classes for the semester.

Q: What are the meal options at Amherst College?
A: Two meal plans are available from Dining Services:

Note: The Full Meal Plan is required for first- year students.

Q: Can I opt out of the meal plan if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?
A: Yes, but there is a petition process to opt out of the meal plan. Individual nutritional assessments are available for those students with special dietary needs or restrictions. Special meal arrangements can be made through Charles Thompson, director of Dining Services.

Q: When do I register for courses?
A: As a transfer student, you will register for courses the first week you are on campus during New Student Orientation. The Registrar’s Office and the Student Affairs Office will guide you through this process, so don’t worry too much. During the summer, you should look over the Amherst College course catalog and utilize the course scheduler tool. When you arrive on campus, you will meet with your academic advisor, assigned to you over the summer, to finalize your fall pre-registration, which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 27, 2014. =

Q: Will I have a roommate?
A: Most transfer students will be placed in a single, but you might have a roommate if you indicated that as your preference on the Residential Life Housing Preference form.

Q: Will I be guaranteed on-campus housing?
A: Yes, all Amherst College students are guaranteed on-campus housing for their academic career. If you did not meet the initial deadline for the housing preference form, you will still be eligible for on-campus housing. You will receive your housing assignment in mid-August from residential life.

Q: What should I bring with me to Amherst College?
A: Check out this helpful link from residential life on what to bring and what not to bring.

Q: Can I live off-campus my first semester as a transfer student?
A: Yes, you can live off-campus your first semester; Nevertheless, we advise that all new incoming transfer students live on campus their first year in order to acclimate to the social and academic culture of Amherst College.

Q: Can I have a car on campus?
A: Yes, as a transfer student, you may have a car on campus. You will need to pay for a parking permit and register your vehicle with campus police. For more information, go to the Campus Police page on parking.

Q: When do I have to declare my major?
A: If you are transferring in as a first semester junior, then you must declare your major by the beginning of your second semester at Amherst College. If you are transferring in as a sophomore, then you must declare your major by the end of your sophomore year.

Q: What course credits will be transferred in from my previous institution? Is there a list of approved courses?
A: Courses accepted by the Registrar’s Office will be posted to AC Data via the unofficial transcript link when the Registrar receives your final college transcripts.

Q: Are there other Amherst College transfer students I that I can contact or speak with?
A: Yes, there is a robust Transfer Student Association (TSA) on campus. During the first week of school, you will be able to meet the members of the TSA as well as other transfer students. Moreover, there are two Transfer Peer Mentors who are available over the summer and throughout the year to answer your questions and provide support for your first semester at Amherst College. The Transfer Peer Mentors are Mariami (Marie) Margishvili ’15, and Sairam Nagulapalli ’15,