Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs, Staff Directory

Suzanne CoffeySuzanne Coffey, Chief Student Affairs Officer

Ms. Coffey provides strategic leadership and oversight for engagement and wellness of students at Amherst College. She is responsible for creating and implementing a college-wide vision for the engagement of students with each other, the institution, and their overall college experience. Working with teams in Student Life, Student Health, and Multicultural Affairs, Ms. Coffey will develop programs, services, and initiatives that foster student involvement and engagement; diversity and inclusion; accountability, civility and respect; and civic engagement, and volunteerism.

Ms. Coffey is available to consult all students on all matters relating to college policy, regulations, and requirements.

Alex VasquezAlex Vasquez, Dean of Students

Dean Vasquez shares in the leadership of the Office of Student Affairs and oversees vital aspects of the Student Life area including Residential Life, Student Activities, Religious and spiritual life, and the college’s conduct process.  Working with teams in Student Life, Student Health, and Multicultural Affairs, and Case Management, Dean Vasquez will cultivate an inclusive, thriving, and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters students’ academic, social, cultural, and personal growth. 

Dean Vasquez is available to consult students on all matters relating to college policy, regulations, and requirements. 

Mimi Odgers


Mimi Odgers, Executive Assistant

Mimi assists the Chief Student Affairs Officer and the Dean of Students in the coordination of major initiatives and events in the Office of Student Affairs.

Alice Simmoneau

Alice Simmoneau, Office Manager

Alice serves as an immediate available source of information on all aspects of Student Affairs for all members of the Amherst College community, including faculty, administrators, staff, parents, and students.  She also oversees day-to-day clerical, administrative, and management functions of the Office of Student Life.

Michelle Welles

 Michelle Welles, Receptionist to the Office of Student Affairs

Michelle will greet you just about every time you call or visit the Office of Student Affairs. She is a resource for any services available through Student Affairs and is also here to answer any questions you may have about Amherst in general. She is always there with a ready smile and available to help.


The Class Deans have a responsibility for the personal and academic counseling of the Class Year that they oversee. This includes helping students develop educational goals and complete their graduation requirements; collaborating with faculty to support student success in the classroom; facilitating access to academic and non-academic support services; and supporting student transitions as they navigate through their undergraduate years to successful completion of their academic and personal goals.

Charri Boykin-EastCharri Boykin-East, Senior Associate Dean of Students

Dean Boykin-East has special responsibilities for the Peer Tutoring Program. She is also available for general and academic counseling for the Class of 2015. Dean Boykin-East is also a member of several of the College’s committees.

Rick Lopez

Rick Lopez, Dean of New Students & Associate Professor of History

Dean Lopez has special responsibilities for the personal and academic counseling of students in the Class of 2018 and new transfer students. He may be consulted on matters relating to the general and academic counseling of first-year students, college regulations and requirements, the Orientation Program, and the First-Year Seminar courses.

Lyle McGeoch

 Lyle McGeoch, Class Dean & Brian E. Boyle '69 Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dean McGeoch has responsibility for the personal and academic counseling of students in the Class of 2017.  He may be consulted on matters relating to general and academic counseling, college regulations and requirements.

Martha Umphrey

Martha M. Umphrey, Class Dean & Bertrand H. Snell 1894 Professor in American Government In the Department of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought

Dean Umphrey has responsibility for the personal and academic counseling of students in the Class of 2016.  She may be consulted on matters relating to general and academic counseling, college regulations and requirements.

Robyn Rogers


Robyn Rogers, Administrative Assistant for the Class of 2015 and 2018

Robyn provides information about new student orientation, peer tutoring, TYPO, TYPO-X & TYSO.  Robyn also schedules appointments for the Dean of New Students and Dean Boykin-East (Class of 2015).

Leena Valge


Leena Valge, Administrative Assistant for the Class of 2016 and 2017

Leena provides support and schedules appointments for both Dean McGeoch (Class of 2017) and Dean Umphrey (Class of 2016).


The Case Management Team is available to assist all students build support networks, develop relationships with campus and community resources, and to navigate challenges related to medical, emotional, personal, financial, or adjustment issues. We connect students to the resources necessary to provide comprehensive, wrap-around care.

While we primarily work directly with students, we also offer consultation services to faculty, parents, and staff helping students in need. Our goal is to promote a culture of care amongst the entire community.

In situations where medical or personal needs might be better addressed away from campus, we also assist students with all aspects of the leave and readmission process.

All students and members of the College community are encouraged to contact any member of the Case Management Team.

Scott Howard

Scott Howard, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Case Management

Andy Tew

Andy Tew, Case Manager

STUDENT LIFE—Campus Center

Demitrius Brown


Demitrius Brown, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Life

Dean Brown works closely with the Dean of Students to provide leadership and strategic direction for the on-campus residential living and learning functions and communities of Amherst College.

Associate Director for Student Activities and Engagement - TBA



Jessica Jensen,
Administrative Assistant for Campus Center

Jessica performs a wide variety of specialized support functions for the office. She is knowledgeable about all of our office procedures and activities and is here to answer any of your questions.

Corey ColonnaCorry Colonna, Associate Director for Residential Life

Corry is responsible for effectively and efficiently managing, coordinating, and assessing residential programs and services, and working with students, Residence Counselors, and Area Coordinators to ensure that residential life at Amherst advances academic priorities, encourages both socialization and community-building, and supports students’ well-being and safety.  Residence life staff are here to assist you. Both professional and student staff are available to answer any of your questions and point you in the right direction.

Karen Racz


Karen Racz, Housing Coordinator

Karen provides information about housing, room draw, keys, telephones, room changes, and the selection process for resident counselors. 




Jackie AlvarezJaqueline Alvarez, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Counseling Center

The Counseling Center staff provides assessment, counseling, brief psychotherapy, and referral to Amherst College students on a voluntary and confidential basis. Stop by the Counseling Center located in Scott House (directly across the street from Orr Rink), or call us at 413-542-2354 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

HEALTH EDUCATION—Keefe Health Center Building

Denise McGoldrickDenise McGoldrick, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Health Education

Denise supervises the College’s health education program. She is responsible for organizing and presenting programs on issues such as alcohol and other substance abuse, contraception, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and eating disorders. She trains and supervises Student Health Educators, who present programs in the residences throughout the academic year. 

HEALTH CENTER—Keefe Health Center Building

The Health Center staff are committed to promoting health and preventing or treating disease and illness, in a caring, confidential and competent manner, including direct patient care and health education, for all Amherst College students. We encourage students to be active participants in their health care.

Warren Morgan


Warren Morgan, M. D.,
Health Center Director, Board Certified Family Practice


Dean GendronDean Gendron, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Dean administers the Amherst College Honor Code and Student Conduct Process.  He  advises students of their rights and responsibilities, investigates complaints of academic, behavioral, and social violations, and refers cases to the Committee on Discipline when appropriate.  Dean works closely with several groups and committees, including the Title IX Team, the Case Management Team, and the Alcohol and Other Drugs Task Force.



Jodi Foley


Jodi Foley, Accessibility Services Manager

Jodi provides assessment, counseling and accommodation to students with disabilities, making arrangements based on documented disabilities.



The International Student Office serves international students with immigration and visa advising, programming and support. 

Nancy Condon, Coordinator of International Student Services

Dexter Padayachee

Dexter A. Padayachee 13, International Student Coordinator

Dexter is responsible for supporting the academic and developmental experience of international students. He helps coordinate a number of programs and events throughout the year, including Early Arrival for new international students, Thanksgiving and Spring break activities for those students who stay on campus during vacations, and the Academic Mentor program.


Flora Chan


 Flora Chan, Transfer and First Generation Coordinator

Flora supports transfer, low-income and first-generation college students throughout their transition to college. She coordinates Transfer orientation, as well as Thanksgiving and Spring Break festivities programs, and welcomes conversations with all students regarding socioeconomic class on campus.

RELIGIOUS LIFE—The Cadigan Center

Paul Sorrentino


Staff members of the Office of Religious Life are happy to support you in your religious and spiritual exploration and practice.

The Rev. Dr. Paul Sorrentino,
Director of Religious Life/Protestant Religious Advisor