Office of Student Affairs

First Year TYPO/TYPO-X/TYSO Programs

First Year TYPO, TYPO-X and TYSO are now open.

The TYPO Programs allow students to invite their faculty out to dinner in small groups, funded by the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) and the Dean of Faculty's Office. It is administered through the Office of Student Affairs. TYPO programs give students and faculty a chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom, thereby enriching the Amherst community.

The TYSO Program allows students to invite Amherst College staff out to dinner in small groups, funded by the Dean of Faculty's Office.  It is also administrated through the Office of Student Affairs. 

There are three types of programs: First Year TYPO, TYPO-X and TYSO. First Year TYPO is restricted to groups of first-year students. TYPO-Extended, or TYPO-X, is for groups consisting of sophomores, juniors and seniors. It is possible to negotiate first-year student participation in an upperclass outing; please contact Leena Valge in the Office of Student Affairs.

In order to participate in TYPO/TYPO-X/TYSO, students organize themselves into groups of no less than three and no more than seven, and arrange a mutually agreeable time to dine with their professor/staff. Students may attend one outing per semester through one of the above programs.
Students need to be currently enrolled in a class taught by that professor (although they need not be in the same class as each other). Professors may attend two TYPO-X outings and one First Year TYPO each semester.  Students from other colleges may attend TYPO outings but the TYPO program will not cover their expenses.  Each outing is allotted $14.00 per person, which includes a tip.  If your meal exceeds the amount allotted, your group will have to pay the difference.  Students may schedule a TYPO outing any time between the third week of classes and the last day of classes (funds permitting).  If TYPO/TYSO closes prior to the end of the semester because of reaching allocated budget you will not be able to attend if you have not submitted a webform prior to the close of TYPO/TYSO. 
To set up a TYPO/TYSO outing, fill out the web form AT LEAST TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE of your outing (or Friday if your outing is on a weekend).  Come to the Office of Student Affairs (201 Converse Hall) to receive your purchase order. PURCHASE ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP; THEY WILL NOT BE MAILED TO YOUR CAMPUS BOX. On the web form, you must list all students attending, the professor(s), the restaurant, and the date of the outing.  

It's customary to leave a tip when dining out. However, TYPO tips must be limited to 15% of the total bill. Funds are limited, and over-tipping reduces the funds available for other outings. Your purchase order amount includes the tip.

Several area restaurants accept TYPO/TYSO purchase orders. For big groups or weekend evenings, it is a good idea to make a reservation.

Participating restaurants:
  • Panda East
  • Pasta E Basta
  • Fresh Side
  • Bueno Y Sano
  • The Monkey Bar
  • Moti
  • Ginger Garden
  • Paradise of India
  • The Pub
  • Rafters