Dining Services


Today's Hours of Operation


Listed below is some specific information on the program and how it will affect Schwemms current hours/program.

  • GNG is available to student and non student customers, Monday – Friday during classes and exam periods.
  • Hours of operation for GNG are 11:00am – 2:30pm.  This is a half hour longer than lunch at Valentine, extending the lunch period option for students.
  • This program will accommodate student meal plans, point plans and cash transactions.
  • Students must choose GNG or Valentine, if they eat in one location, they will not be allowed to eat in the other during that particular meal period.
  • The GNG program will include a total of 5 items. A choice of either an entrée sandwich or entrée salad, a beverage and three additional sides of your choice.
  • Though the Schwemm’s menu will not be available during the GNG program, all items available through this program will be available for purchase by anyone.  The cash and point plan (full-time employees can charge their payroll account) option allows employees of the college to participate in this program as well.
  • GNG will open at 11:00am and close at 2:30pm and reopen for evening service at 3:30pm as Schwemm's.  During weekends, break periods and Summer, Schwemm’s hours will remain the same as they have always been during these times.
  • Frost Café opens at 9am providing customers another option to get coffee in the morning in addition to Valentine.
  • Frost Cafe will be selling ready to go sandwiches from 2:30pm - 4:30pm Monday through Friday
  • Please note, employees, guests or visitors to the college are welcome to a cup of coffee at no charge, if Valentine is the only operation open in the morning.