Dining Services

Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan with $100 in Bonus Bucks

Under the Lunch & Dinner Plan, you will receive:
  • Unlimited access to the dining hall, Sunday through Saturday, for lunch and dinner (no breakfast).
  • $100 in bonus bucks per semester, which can be used as cash in Valentine, Schwemm's Coffee House, Frost Cafe, Catering and in vending machines on campus equipped with card readers.
    • Bonus bucks cannot be used in the laundry card readers; they are intended for food purchases only.
    • Bonus bucks are non-refundable.
    • Bonus bucks expire at the end of each semester.
  • Two guest passes on your card per semester. (Unused guest passes will not be carried over from semester to semester.)

Sign-up for Spring 2015 Lunch & Dinner Plan

Note: The Lunch & Dinner Plan is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors. First-year students must use the Full Meal Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan work?
You will have unlimited access to the dining hall for lunch and dinner only, seven days a week, and $100 in bonus bucks. Bonus bucks may be used as cash at Valentine, Schwemm's Coffee House, Frost Cafe, Catering and the vending machines on campus equipped with card readers.

How often can I enter the dining hall during one meal period?
You may enter the dining hall an unlimited number of times during lunch and dinner only.

Does the Lunch & Dinner Plan cost more or less than the Full Meal Plan?

The cost of the Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan is the same as the Full Meal Plan.  The Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan is designed to give those students that do not regularly attend breakfast an opportuinity to better utilize their meal plan with the use of Bonus Bucks.

May I bring a guest into the dining hall on my Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan?
No, but you may use guest passes, bonus bucks, or AC DOLLAR$ (if you deposited money into this account) to treat a guest in the dining hall. You must accompany your guest; you may not allow your guest to use your ID card without you.

Can I add money to my bonus bucks?
No. If you wish to add more money to your card you may do so through your AC DOLLAR$ account. Information on the AC DOLLAR$ account is available in the Dining Services Office, on the lower level of Valentine Hall.

May I let someone borrow my meal card?
No, under the plan rules, the card is non-transferable. If you are caught using someone else's card, or lending your card to someone else, the meal checkers and cashiers will confiscate the card, and each party may be fined $25.