Amherst College Fellowships

Amherst College Fellowships are for graduating seniors and alumni/ae. They are described in the Amherst College Catalog in Section VI.  The deadline for application is always February 10.  You need not have been accepted at graduate school to apply, but the awards are made contingent upon enrollment in a full-time, graduate degree granting institution.

You may apply for funds for a second and third year and you may apply after graduation if you decide to postpone graduate school.  Amherst College Fellowships are awarded on the basis of merit and need.

There is one application for all the different fellowships.  Funds are available for the study of law, medicine, economics, education and all of the traditional academic disciplines.  The areas of graduate study for which larger fellowships are available are chemistry, geology, history, religion, philosophy, and study in the United Kingdom.  Please note that funds are available in the fields of music, dance and theater for non-degree programs as well as  graduate school.

The Rufus B. Kellogg University Fellowship will be offered this year. This fellowship provides funding for three consecutive years of graduate study, and will not be offered again until 2018.  Three fellows will be chosen, two for study in any discipline in any location, and one for study in Germany in any discipline.  Fellows are chosen solely on the basis of academic merit.

The application is now available for the 2015-16 academic year. Go to Application Forms in the left hand column of this page. You will need to log in to access all application materials. (If you do not know your login information, read the last paragraph below.)  In addition to completing the application form, up to 3 letters of recommendation will be required, a short essay, financial forms, and transcripts from any study abroad programs, transfer or graduate institutions.  The office will have your Amherst College transcript. 

Before beginning your application, please read the application instructions carefully.  Although the content of the application is similar to past years, there are significant changes this year in the procedure for submitting your materials.

You will be asked to log in to access the application materials, to submit several parts of the application, and to accept your award once it has been granted.  If you have forgotten your login or password, follow the prompts on the login page to retrieve or reset them.

For more information please contact Suzanne Spencer.

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Denise Murphy Gagnon
Director of Fellowship Advising

Suzanne Fogel Spencer
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