National Fellowships and Scholarships

About the National Fellowships

Many of the  national fellowships and scholarships listed below are for formal or independent study abroad as well as several for study within the U.S.  Studying, living and traveling abroad can be a rewarding next step in terms of your further education, training and personal development.

These fellowships are awarded for academic and extra-curricular accomplishment and are quite competitive.  They require endorsement by your academic institution before you can apply.  Most merit-based scholarships require an A- average or higher. For the Watson Fellowship, originality and the feasibility of your proposal might outweigh an average of less than A-.  We invite you to give serious consideration to the possibility of study or research under one of these fellowships or scholarships.

NOTE: on-campus deadlines for the fellowships and scholarships listed below fall in early September and October. We recommend that you contact the Office of Fellowships during the spring semester BEFORE the academic year in which you plan to apply. Denise Gagnon can give you specific details about the preliminary and final application process and has files, brochures and catalogs available for review. The Faculty Committee on Student Fellowships interviews and makes its nominations on the basis of the preliminary application at which point, if nominated, you will be given the official application materials and information.

About the Committee Process

The Faculty Committee on Student Fellowships uses the following as criteria in making its decisions:

  1. The guidelines of the respective foundations (found in their descriptive brochures and on their websites)
  2. The applicant's
    • Transcript
    • Record of extracurricular activities
    • Written proposals/statements
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Interview with the Committee

Denise Gagnon and the Committee also advise nominees regarding their final applications and help them prepare for the next level of evaluation by the respective foundations.

List of National Fellowships

Each link provides details about each fellowship and access to the preliminary application.

Open to seniors and alumni up to one year after graduation, not yet in graduate school

Open to seniors and alumni up to age 26

Open to seniors and alumni

Gates Cambridge
Open to seniors and alumni up to age 30

Open to juniors and sophomores

Open to seniors and alumni up to age 29

Open to seniors and alumni up to 2 years after graduation

Open to seniors

Open to seniors and alumni up to age 24

Open to seniors and alumni up to age 29

St. Andrews
Open to seniors

Open to juniors

Open to seniors

For more information

These web pages provide some basic information about the fellowships administered by this office and about the application process. Please note that our internal application deadlines are always earlier than the Foundation deadlines. Please email or call to set up an appointment in the Office of Fellowships if you have any questions, need further information, or would like to receive application materials.

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