Green Amherst

Sustainability at Amherst

Solar panels on top of Mayo-Smith HouseAmherst College is deeply committed to sustainability.We strive to set an example of responsible stewardship by establishing sound policies and practices that promote resource conservation and minimize our environmental impact.This Web page is designed to highlight how Amherst College conserves and supports sustainable use of natural resources through our policies, programs and practices.

Sustainability is a core principle that guides all of Amherst College’s operations--from the food served to the vehicles driven.While our institution has made great strides, we recognize we can and should do better.Sustainability requires constant vigilance. As our buildings get more complex and faculty, staff and students become more reliant on electrical devices, there is a tendency towards an upward trend in our consumption despite the numerous conservation efforts.Individually and collectively, we must be committed to the task of resource conservation.



Students planting at Book and Plow farm



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