Green Amherst

Amherst Footprint: Facts and Figures

Higher education is a resource-intensive enterprise. It takes massive amounts of materials and natural resources to support a student in an academic community for four years.It is the College’s goal to ensure that these resources are used as efficiently as possible, to minimize our impact on the world around us.

Before we consider the programs that we have developed to reduce our environmental footprint, it is useful to understand the resources that we rely upon and the amount that we consume.

Annual Energy Consumption Figures

#6 Fuel Oil

643,200 gallons, enough to heat 874 homes*


46,956,700 gallons, enough to fill 2,300 backyard swimming pools

Natural Gas

116,200 MMBtu

Electricity Use

22,135,800 kWh, enough to power 2,050 homes*

Peak Electricity Demand

3,653 kW

Peak Electricity Demand Time

07/27/2006 10:15 AM

Paper Purchased by OAS

12,752,500 sheets

Food Served in Valentine

790,000 meals

Solid Waste Generated

1,284,000 pounds

Fleet Vehicle Usage

118,939 miles

Gasoline Burned

24,344 gallons

#2 Fuel Oil and Diesel Burned

91,500 gallons

*The average home in Massachusetts uses 800 gallons per year of #2 oil and 10,800 KwH of electricity.