Green Amherst

2009-2010 Residence Hall Recycling Challenge

Submitted by JoAnn M. Lawrence

Join us for Amherst College’s Residence Hall Recycling Challenge. 

This year, the Challenge is running concurrently with RecycleMania.  So not only will you get to show which residence hall recycles the best on campus, but by competing against each other, we are all working together to beat the likes of Williams, and Tufts, and Colby in the national competition.


The Challenge starts February 1st and runs through Spring Break.

How it works:

  •      Residents in each house keep recycling as much material as possible throughout the contest.
  •      When Facilities staff picks up recycling, they monitor how much stuff is picked up.
  •      At the end of the contest, the residence halls that recycled the most stuff (paper and bottles & cans) per capita wins.
  •      The more you recycle, the greater your chance of winning and the more you help us to beat the other NESCAC schools in the national competition.