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Amherst College to Establish New Office of Environmental Sustainability

Amherst College is establishing an Office of Environmental Sustainability and will be launching a national search for the office’s first director, marking a major milestone in the college’s longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability. Read more in Amherst’s news release.

Better Efficiency of Fixtures on Campus Lowers Consumption

Amherst College has cut its energy consumption by 25 percent on a per-unit basis since 2004, saving $1.2 million through conservation measures. Read More

Area Colleges Score High for Green Efforts

Amherst College got top marks for its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, incorporate local and organic produce in student meals, and promote ride-sharing and bus transportation around campus. Mount Holyoke and Smith, meantime, received a grade of A in nearly all categories except those concerning their endowments, which are mostly closed to public scrutiny and have relatively little invested in "green" portfolios, according to the report. Read More

Green Practices Grow on Campus

Cambridge, Mass. (October 7, 2009) – Despite budget-breaking investment losses and widely fluctuating energy costs, many schools became greener during the last year, earning higher grades on the College Sustainability Report Card 2010.
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Amherst College Sustainability Report Card 2010

Amherst Goes Greener

In its continuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Amherst College will be buying its electricity from a greener source, and be a Green Power Partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read More

Saving the Turtles

Spotting the brownish-gray and orange shell of the wood turtle in hay fields or along the banks of rivers in Western Massachusetts these days has become an increasingly rare occurrence.

But not if Amherst College can help it. Read More

Amherst College Goes Green

Many have been trying to lead a greener and more efficient lifestyle. But Amherst College is taking it to a whole new level. Hybrid cars, solar panels, and electric motorcycles are all familiar sights on this campus. Read More

It’s Easy Being Green: Continued Strides in Sustainability at Amherst College

When Amherst College students returned to their alma mater last week, they may have noticed what Jim Brassord, director of facilities and associate treasurer for campus services, calls a “big green reminder of our commitment to the environment”: Solar panels on Mayo-Smith House, one of the most visible residence halls on campus located at the corner of Route 9 and 116 in Amherst. The panels, which will provide the building with 60 percent of the heat needed for its hot water, are one of several new initiatives focused on campus sustainability at the college. Read More

Area Habitat Homes Go Solar


The new owners of two houses built by Habitat for Humanity will get most of their electricity from solar panels on their south-facing roofs. Read More

Car Sharing Gains Traction

Instead of owning a car, imagine being able to rent one for just a few hours at a time when needed. Read More

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How Green Is Our Valley

Amherst students used to grab napkins at the end of the food line. Now eco-friendly dispensers are placed strategically throughout Valentine Dining Hall, and students take only as many napkins as they need. On its own, a news flash of this magnitude hardly makes the earth tremble. But read on; humble napkins are the tip of a much larger iceberg of energy conservation and environmental stewardship. “Sustainability” is the new campus watchword, a catchall phrase encompassing small efforts and multimillion dollar plans; grassroots activity and central planning; good deeds and smart finance; faculty instruction and student effort. Read More

Amherst College Purchases Renewable Energy; Receives EPA Award for Million Monitor Drive

Personal computers at Amherst College are now being powered by clean, wind-generated energy. Jim Brassord, director of facilities planning and management at Amherst, recently announced that the green power is being purchased to celebrate and reward participation in the Million Monitor Drive (MMD), which resulted in more than 1,700 students, faculty and staff pledging to let their computers “sleep” when idle. Read More

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Sustainability Matters at Amherst College

When your annual utility bill approaches $4 million, you can save a lot of money by focusing on energy conservation-and lighten the load on the environment, too. That's the situation at Amherst College, which has committed itself to the practice of sustainability: meeting its needs for energy while preserving the ecological, social and economic systems which we all rely upon. The rules are simple, but the rewards are great: reduce both the amount of energy consumed and the impact on the environment. Read More

How Green Is Our Valley? Talkin' 'bout Cogeneration

"People don’t want to think about how the light and heat get into a classroom, they just want to flip a switch and have them work,” notes Energy Manager Todd Holland. Once Amherst’s new cogeneration plant comes on line, though, it might be a good idea to start treating engineers like rock stars. Read More

Energy Manager to Promote Efficiency

Five Colleges, Inc. recently appointed Todd Holland as the new energy manager for Amherst, Smith, and Mt. Holyoke Colleges.

“As energy manager, Holland will work to establish collaborative committees among the consortium members to promote energy conservation and to avoid duplication of efforts from campus to campus,” according to Smith’s Web site. Read More