The Center for Counseling and Mental Health (CCMH) is located in Hitchcock, Smith, and Scott Houses:

Hitchcock House
271 S. Pleasant St.

Front of Hitchcock House

Hitchcock House is located at 271 S. Pleasant St., a white house with black shutters and hexagonal turret. It is directly across the street from the Alumni Gym.

Scott House
14 Hitchcock Road

Front of Scott House

Scott House is a white house directly across the street from Orr Rink on the corner of South Pleasant Street and Hitchcock Road. The entrance to the building is in the back, on the parking-lot side.

Smith House
22 Hitchcock Road


Smith House is a white house next to Scott House. You can use the same parking lot if you are driving. CCMH is located on the first floor. To enter CCMH offices, use the parking lot entrance with a purple sign on the door.