For students seeking LGBTQIA+ affirming care at the Center for Counseling and Mental Health

The Center for Counseling and Mental Health offers a therapeutic space to explore sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity. 

We can offer referrals and resources to LGBTQIA+ students to support you in accessing care both on and off campus. For students pursuing medical transition, staff therapists can provide letters for gender-affirming surgery as required by surgeons and insurance companies. 

If you have questions about LGBTQIA+ affirming care at the Center for Counseling and Mental Health, please feel free to talk to your therapist, or call the Center for Counseling and Mental Health: (413) 542-2354 and make a consultation appointment with our team's LGBTQIA+ consultants: Britt Billmeyer-Finn or Caitlin Carmody, who would love to talk with you.

On-campus resources for LGBTQIA+ students

  • Queer Resource Center: The Queer Resource Center (QRC), located in the Keefe Campus Center, furthers conversations around gender and sexuality across campus by providing opportunities for leadership development, intentional programming, and space for community building that centers the support and empowerment of Amherst’s LGBTQ+ community.
  • Women’s and Gender Center: The Women’s and Gender Center (WGC), located in the Keefe Campus Center, seeks to foster a critical awareness of gender and create an intentional space, accessible to students of all genders, that will serve as a resource and forum for topics and issues related specifically to women and, more broadly, to the experience of gender.
  • Keefe Health Center: The Keefe Health Center offers a range of services for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students including: general medical care, initiation or continuation of hormone therapy for medical transition and information about and referrals for gender-affirming surgery.

Off campus physical and mental healthcare resources

  • TransHealth Northampton is a trans-led organization serving trans and gender-diverse kids, adults, and families. They provide pediatric primary care, adult primary care, mental health care, and more.
  • Oxbow Primary Care is a primary care practice associated with Cooley Dickinson Hospital that specializes in LGBTQ+ primary care. 
  • Atkinson Family Practice is a primary care practice that has offices in Northampton and Amherst and provides LGBTQ-affirming care. 
  • LGBTQ Crisis Hotline (24/7): You can call the TrevorLifeline at 1-866-488-7386 or visit TrevorChat to connect with a counselor for immediate support.
  • Trans Lifeline: Trans Lifeline is a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive.