Single-Session Treatment

The Center for Counseling and Mental Health now offers single-session treatment (SST).  SST involves coming in for one therapy session with no commitment or expectation to return. SST gets students connected with one of our therapists quickly—usually the same or the next day—to help solve a particular problem that is causing distress. SST appointments are available daily Monday-Friday and can be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance, depending on availability. 

To get a better idea of whether this could for you, please review the examples below:

Appropriate for Single Session Treatment:

  • You can identify a relatively specific goal for your session.
  • You have experienced a recent increase in anxiety that has left you wanting to learn more skills to cope with it.
  • You have noticed a decrease in mood and want to speak with a professional before it gets worse.
  • You are experiencing relationship concerns that have left you wanting feedback from a professional.
  • You are experiencing academic concerns, stress about an upcoming exam, or conflict with a professor.

NOT Appropriate for Single Session Treatment:

  • If you are in crisis, for example, you are having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, please call our main line, 413/542-2354, and request an emergency or urgent care appointment. Emergency and Urgent Care appointments are available every day.
  • If you are interested in developing an ongoing therapeutic relationship with a counselor, then our brief, individual counseling may be a better fit. You can call our office or write to us at to schedule an appointment.
  • You believe you need long-term support for a complex issue (for example, a history of trauma, treatment for an eating disorder, or substance abuse treatment). If this is the case, please contact us to schedule an appointment with our Case Manager for referrals for long-term, off-campus therapy. 

If SST sounds like a good option for you, please call us at 413-542-2354 and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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