The 2018 Wellness Challenge runs from Feb 5-March 5 and is designed to encourage participants to increase their well-being through engaging in wellness and self-care practices. Results from previous years show that participation improves social relationships and builds positive emotions while significantly reducing stress, anxiety and depression. These benefits persisted through the end of the semester.

The Challenge is open to all members of the Amherst College Community. Participants sign up to receive an email with a weekly menu of activities based on the themes of emotional, physical, spiritual, and social wellness. Participants choose an activity to practice at least 3 times that week, when, where and with whom they like, with an average time commitment of 30-60 minutes per week. There are a broad range of activities to choose from, so everyone can find something that is interesting and enjoyable to them. At the end of the week, participants receive an email prompting them to report on what they did that week before being given the following week’s menu of activities. 

To take the Challenge, SIGN UP by Feb 2.

"I learned easy and simple strategies that helped me manage my daily stress effectively. Every student on campus should participate!!!" - 2016 Participant

"Actively pursuing the goal of taking care of myself is a clear signal to myself that I'm worth something-- while the various activities were incredibly helpful in their own ways, I think overall just saying to myself that I'm worth spending my own energy on is incredibly powerful." - 2015 Participant

"Normally I put off self-care and think I don't have time, but taking time to cultivate mental health actually made me more efficient and satisfied with other parts of my life, too." - 2016 Participant

“I generally felt better, more well, during the past month than the majority of my time at the College.” - 2015 Participant

"I'm feeling stronger and more confident since taking part in the Wellness Challenge." -2016 Participant

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