The 2020 Wellness Challenge runs from Feb 3-March 3 and is designed to encourage participants to increase their wellbeing through engaging in a variety of wellness and self-care practices. Over 1000 Amherst students, staff and faculty have participated over the past years, and results show that engaging in the activities for only 15-30 minutes per week significantly reduced stress, anxiety and depression while improving relationships, health, and happiness.

The Challenge is open to all members of the Amherst College Community. Participants sign up to receive weekly emails with a menu of activities in the areas of: health, social connection, emotional skills, meaning, mini-goals, and self-talk. You choose which activities appeal to you and complete them on your own. At the end of the week, participants receive an email prompting them to report on what they did that week before being given the following week’s menu of activities. 

To take the Challenge, SIGN UP by noon on Jan 31.

"I really liked the reflective practice the wellness challenge encouraged. I feel more balanced and centered."
- 2019 Participant

"The Wellness Challenge was incredibly helpful with my putting things in perspective and reminding myself of my self-worth. It helped to calm me down and counterbalance the stress of schoolwork and other commitments."
- 2018 Participant

"This experience had a positive impact on my lifestyle, and gave me tools to combat negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress."
- 2017 Participant

"I learned easy and simple strategies that helped me manage my daily stress effectively. Every student on campus should participate!!!"
- 2016 Participant

“I generally felt better, more well, during the past month than the majority of my time at the College.”
- 2015 Participant

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