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Acts of kindness or altruism can get you out of your own head and focused on others, which increases happiness, and acts as a buffer against stress and depression.

Activity: This practice involves engaging in 3-5 small acts of kindness or generosity today.


  • Provides a happiness boost to you and the recipient(s) of your kindness.
  • Improves self-image. By acting with generosity, you begin to see yourself as a kind, generous and helpful person.
  • Strengthens social bonds. Kindness generates appreciation, goodwill and reciprocity, which brings people closer together.

If you’d like to dramatically increase your likelihood of following through on this activity, answer these questions in writing or out loud to another person.

  • How and when will you do this activity?
  • What might get in the way—and how will you address these obstacles?
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