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Making conscious choices about what we mentally consume—especially now, when the news is overwhelmingly negative—can have a huge impact on mood and wellbeing.

Activity: Pay attention to the media you consume over the course of one day— including social media, programs you watch, what you read and listen to, etc.—and notice how your mental input influences your mood. At the end of the day, reflect on whether you would like to makes changes to what media you consume or when and how you consume it.

Benefits: Limiting specific types of media:

  • Reduces depression and anxiety, and improves mood
  • Fosters deeper, more genuine social connections
  • Gives you more time to engage in what is important to you
  • Improves sleep

If you’d like to dramatically increase your likelihood of following through on this activity, answer these questions in writing or out loud to another person.

  • How and when will you do this activity?
  • What might get in the way—and how will you address these obstacles?
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