painted rocks with positive messages
Your surroundings subtly—and sometimes blatantly—influence your mood and behavior. Living and working in the same environment day after day may cause emotional strain, fatigue and boredom. Simple changes, such as bringing in a plant, moving to a different room, or changing your view, can provide an energy boost. Introducing new sensory stimuli can also help – from playing music, spraying a scent, or displaying a motivating or calming image. 

Activity: Choose one small change you can make to your environment to lift your spirits. This could be anything from bringing in a plant, tidying up, or displaying a word, quote, or picture that evokes positive feelings.


  • Helps restore energy
  • Fuels motivation and persistence toward goals
  • Improves mood

If you’d like to dramatically increase your likelihood of following through on this activity, answer these questions in writing or out loud to another person.

  • How and when will you do this activity?
  • What might get in the way—and how will you address these obstacles?
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