COVID-19 Protocols

October 6, 2023
  • At-home antigen tests  and KN-95 masks are available for community members in the lobby of the Amherst College Police Department/Services Building and the Student Affairs office in 207 Keefe Campus Center.
  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should follow these protocols:
    • Students who test positive need to isolate for five full days and may test out prior to day 10 with a negative result on a self-administered antigen test. They should continue to mask until day 10 and report their case to Health Services using the Self Report Form. Health Services will then advise those students about isolation protocols.
    • Faculty and staff members who test positive need to contact their primary care physician (PCP) and isolate for five full days; they may return to campus on day six. They should continue to mask until day 10 and will no longer need to report a positive test result. Medical inquiries should be directed to their primary care physician, although those with work-related questions about when to return to campus or how to identify available accrued time off, should email
  • Masks are not required at Health Services. However, any student with a fever, cough, sore throat, congestion or any other symptoms of acute illness who visits the Health Center should wear a mask.
  • Anyone who is symptomatic should wear a mask and immediately test for COVID-19. (See above for where to get a test.)
  • Members of the community with upper respiratory symptoms (but not COVID-19) are strongly encouraged to wear masks to protect the health of other community members.
  • Masking is optional and welcomed everywhere on campus. 
  • All members of the Amherst Community are encouraged to get the new COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Health Services is currently unable to obtain or administer the updated Covid-19 vaccine.  Currently UMass is offering it to active staff, faculty and students in their community only. 

  • The following links can be used to look for an available appointment. - Find COVID‑19 vaccine locations near you

COVID-19 Vaccine Information | CVS Pharmacy

The College will continue to take the virus seriously, be alert to any changes, and be prepared to change policies if/when appropriate or necessary.


Students should direct any questions related to the College and COVID-19 to

Faculty and staff should email