The mission of the Health Education Department is to support student academic success through policy development, provision of educational materials, individual consultation, and other educational experiences related to the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of students.   Health Education strives to foster the students’ ability to achieve a balanced, self-aware, state of health-enhancing full engagement in their academic experience.  We take a broad view of health education and incorporate the dynamics of a diverse community and address intersections of identity including gender, race, class, and sexual orientation.  This involves collaborating with a variety of departments to enhance student experiences on campus in shaping their education beyond the curriculum.  We utilize public health and student development theories, review evidence-based and best practices approaches when designing programs and address multiple tiers of prevention from primary to tertiary.

We strive to fulfill this mission by:

  • Advocating for policy and environmental changes that support the health of the campus community.
  • Educating and empowering students to make intentional healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Collaborating with staff and students to provide opportunities for leadership and activism.
  • Conducting regular assessments of student health behaviors and perceptions.
  • Providing training and education for student leaders.
  • Creating and distributing information on a wide variety of physical and emotional health topics.
  • Offering confidential individual consultation/counseling and referral services.
  • Responding to requests for consultation by faculty, coaches and other staff members.
  • Guest lecture in academic classes upon request.
  • Developing, maintaining and enhancing collaborative relationships within the 5 colleges and local community.