About Us

The Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect (PAs) are a group of trained student educators at Amherst within the Department of Health Education.  The PAs are student leaders on campus around a wide range of sexual respect topics including, but not limited to, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, consent education, sexual violence prevention, and survivor support.  The  PAs organize a variety of campus-wide events, skill-building workshops, resource tables, passive education materials, and awareness-raising campaigns. The PAs are trained to refer students to available campus and community resources and services, including survivor support resources.  

To see a full list of current Peer Advocates, please visit our Meet the PAs page.

Signature PA Programs: 

  • First Year Bystander Intervention 
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Survivor Support Series 
  • The Clothesline Project
  • Annual Community Promise Poem 
  • Sexual Assault Awarenss Month 

PA Workshops: 

  • Bystander 2.0
  • Bystander At The Base (Advanced Bystander)
  • Consent, Boundaries, & Healthy Communication
  • How to Support a Survivor 

Contact the Peer Advocates! Follow and reach out to the PAs:


Instagram: @amherst_pa

Facebook: @peeradvocatesamherstcollege