About Us

The Student Health Educators (SHEs) are a group of Amherst students sponsored by the Department of Health Education that are interested in actively addressing health issues and building skills in the Amherst Community to improve their Health and Wellbeing.  SHEs are trained to provide interactive and engaging programs and events, engage in outreach to their peers, develop innovative initiatives to reach their peers on important health information and skills.  The SHEs cover a wide variety of topics including: healthy sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, sleep, the body, stress and more. They respond to emerging health issues and topics of interest to Amherst College students.

SHEs are available to listen, advise and educate on a broad range of health topics. To see our current Student Health Educators, please visit our Meet the SHEs page.

Two SHEs, Maddie and Kathleen, stand in front of a table in Val for the SHE event Snooze Fest. On the table are several pamphlets, posters, and additional items for students to drop by and grab.
SHE Workshops

The SHEs run a range of workshops on a variety of health-related topics, including sexual health, nutrition, alcohol & other drugs, sleep & stress, and more. For additional information or to request a workshop, please click here. 

Two SHEs, Sasha and Sophia, are pictured at a table during the Graphic Sex Project event. On the table are items for students to use to create a visual representation of their relationship to sex.

Signature SHE events

The Graphic Sex Project

The Well-being Fair

Sex Week (Fall Semester) / Bodies Week (Spring Semester)