Alcohol & Other Drugs Education is housed within the Department of Health Education and provides a harm reduction approach to alcohol and other drugs using evidence-based public health theory and rooting our work in a social justice framework. The work of Alcohol & Other Drugs Education ranges from trainings and workshops; campus-wide initiatives and events; policy review and campus-wide initiatives; resource and information sharing; and administering BASICS and CASICS. For more information, contact:

Karrina Dehle, Alcohol & Other Drugs Educator
Keefe Health Center 205

Workshops and Trainings

The Alcohol & Other Drugs Educator provides a range of specialized trainings to students, faculty and staff on topics related to alcohol and other drugs.  Specific groups receive regular trainings in alcohol and other drugs, including student leaders and new students. Groups can request trainings, such as Recovery Ally Training or NARCAN training, by contacting Karrina Dehle at


Alcohol & Other Drugs Education hosts many programs and events throughout the year. In addition to programs and tables hosted by the SHEs, some other events are the following: 

  • Ask the AOD Educator, Weekly Office Hours
  • Spill the Tea with AOD
  • Zero Proof Pop-Up Sober Bar

Check out our Events Calendar for all upcoming Alcohol & Other Drugs Education events and reach out to to collaborate and co-sponsor on a future program.


BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) and CASICS (Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students) are nationally renowned and peer reviewed programs designed specifically for college students to help them explore, in a non-judgemental, non-confrontational, and confidential environment, their decisions around alcohol and/or cannabis use.

The Alcohol & Other Drugs Educator provides BASICS/CASICS conversations for current students. If you would like to learn more about BASICS/CASICS, please visit the BASICS webpage.

Consultation and Resource Referrals 

The Alcohol & Other Drugs Educator is available to students, faculty, and staff to provide consultation, personal skill building, information sharing, and resource referral.  Community members who have questions or concerns related to alcohol and other drugs or would like to speak with the Alcohol & Other Drugs Educator, can contact Karrina Dehle to set up a meeting at

Recovery Support Resources

There are a variety of support resources available both on campus and in the broader community for students in recovery or seeking support because a friend or family member is in recovery. For more information, please visit the pages below.